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    Pool Heaters

    Elecro G2 Heat Exchanger

    Elecro Multi-Tubular heat exchangers are comprised of a 38-piece Titanium tube bundle, giving a vast surface contact area for the two water circuits.

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    Pool Heaters

    Elecro In-Line+

    Swimming Pool Heater with Ultra Efficient Titanium
    Heating Elements

  • nanosplashwhite-bd

    Pool Heaters

    Elecro Nano Splasher

    This easy to use and install Nano Splasher pool heater comes with a corrosion-resistant titanium heating element, making it highly robust and durable.

  • Electric cleaners


    Electric cleaners

    These cleaners are independent from the pool's main filter and pump system.

  • electro-engineering-evolution-2-electric-heater

    Pool Heaters

    Electric heater Evolution 2 from Elecro Engineering

    Electric heater Evolution 2 from Elecro Engineering. Evolution 2 provides efficiency, safety and above all reliability to effortlessly heat your pool to the desired temperature.

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    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    Electro Engineering Water Treatment Technology

    Take pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level! Pool water that sparkles like diamonds in a way you’ve never seen, thanks to Electro Engineering Water Treatment.

  • Electrolysis



    Salt water chlorination is a water treatment via salt, without adding chemicals.

  • Essential tips to prepare your pool against a storm


    Essential tips to prepare your pool against a storm

    Storms can potentially damage your pool and surroundings if you do not take precautions.

  • Features for the perfect above ground pool


    Features for the perfect above ground pool

    Find out all the existing options to customize your above ground swimming pool.

  • Filter: How to choose


    Filter: How to choose

    Essential component to ensure the quality of the water before the chemical treatment.

  • Filtering – Mechanical water treatment


    Filtering – Mechanical water treatment

    An effective filtering system solves 80 % of water-related problems encountered in pools, the remaining 20 % are due to the chemical treatment.

  • Find inspiration for your future pool!


    Find inspiration for your future pool!

    You are thinking of having your private pool but you have no idea what kind of pool suits you best?

  • Freeform Pool


    Freeform Pool

    You want to build a freeform pool in your backyard. But how to measure a freeform pool?

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    Comfort & Pool Games

    Funshine Pool inflatables

    Best pool inflatables: The only companion you really need in your pool.

  • garden-air

    Pool Heaters

    Garden Air Dehumidifiers

    An exclusive SCP product for high efficient dehumidification.

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