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A large range of products suitable for your spa that will make your spa experience even more nicer!

Life Easy Vac

Makes cleaning your spa, swim spa or pool as effortless as possible, using a siphoning action without electricity, batteries or a water connection. Comes
complete with interchangeable parts especially designed to clean all debris from floors, steps and the water surface.

Life Rechargeable underwater vacuum

Ideal for vacuuming debris from spas and hot tubs. Cordless and portable with a pivoting suction head with wheels and brushes.
Standard rechargeable lithium battery with LED charging light.

  • Pivoting suction head with wheels & brushes
  • Transparent body allows to see when filter is full of debris
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, no memory
  • LED charging light
  • USB charging cable
  • Easy-to-empty stainless steel filter
  • Waterproof magnetic switch: safe on/off
  • 2-section pole, with total reach of approximate 1.5m/5ft

Life Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

The Ultimate spa cleaning and maintenance accessory pack.

Includes : Spa-Vac Underwater Vacuum and Venturi Pump, Spa Scoop, Spa Brush, Scum Absorbing Disk, Telescopic Accessory Pole.

Life Spa Dispenser - Deluxe Spa Bromine Feeder

Life Spa Dispensers are ideal for spas/hot tubs and small pools. Features easy access for bromine tab refill without the need to readjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem. Has fully
adjustable flow and erosion control and comes with float and tie string.

Life Water-Wand Pro Filter Cleaner

Effectively emits fine concentrated jets of water, into individual filter pleats. Water Wand Pro uses less time and water than traditional filter cleaners.

Thumb control lever for single hand operation and easy flow adjustment.

Life Water-Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaner

This patent pending device drastically reduces the time, effort and mess involved in cleaning cartridges. Eight fingers and 8 fan nozzles open and clean 8 pleats at one time.

Life Spa & Hot Tub Brush

The first brush specifically designed for spas and hot tubs. Features soft bristles, curved shape to brush out the contoured shapes of a spa interior and rubber edges to prevent damage to the spa surface.

Life Deluxe Spa-Skimmer

Deluxe Spa skimmer Polypropylene puncture resistant net with a curved shape design for an optimal scoop.

Comes complete with its own 3 section pole.

Life Spa-Skim Net With 4' Pole

Designed and packaged specifically for spas and hot tubs.

Comes complete with its own 4ft telescopic pole.

Life Spa Pole with Telescopic Handle

A quality fluted aluminium telescoping pole suitable for all “Life” Spa and Hot tub cleaning accessories.

Handle extends 1.6ft - 4ft.

Life Spa & Hot Tub Scoop

The first Surface Rake specifically designed for hot tubs.

Features a round shape to suit the contours of a spa interior and rubber edges to prevent damage to the spa surface.

Life Spa Booster Seat

This comfortable and attractive design features heavy duty, heat resistant material and suction cups to prevent the seat from floating or moving.

The firmness and size can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill it.

Easily filled with a standard garden hose.

Life Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion

Keeps you comfortable allowing you to sit higher.

Ergonomic seat for maximum comfort, complete with suction cups to maintain your desired position.

Life Deluxe Spa Pillow

Slim plush pillow providing the ultimate in cushioned comfort.

Features a weighted end and suction cup for various custom applications.

The waterproof and nonporous surface makes it easy to wipe over and keep clean.

Life Spa & Hot Tub Pillow

An inflatable pillow for use with spas and hot tubs. Features soft velvet like finish with suction cups.

Life Spa & Hot Tub Bar

A floating refreshment bar designed specifically for spas and hot tubs. Features water filled ballast to enable the bar to sit stable on the spa edge or float steadily in the water.

Life Deluxe Foot Bath

Durable Foot Bath to keep the grit out of your pool, spa, hot tub ! It measures 55cm x 40cm x 9cm tall.

Simply fill the foot bath with fresh water and sit it next to your pool, spa, hot tub.

Life Cover Lifter Robe & Towel Holder

Conveniently holds towels, robes or swimsuits a short distance away from the spa or hot tub.

Compatible with any spa or hot tub cover lifter.

Simply attaches with adhesive fastener.

Life Deluxe Spa & Hot Tub Thermometer

Corrosion resistant chrome and brass body with durable glass sealed scale. Includes anchor and cord for easy mounting and accessibility with dual reading °C and °F.

Life Magic Foam

Life Magic Foam scrubbing sponge has a fine pore structure that helps to remove dirt and stains without additional cleaning agents.

It also assists in the removal of scale build-up, mould and scum deposits around your spa, pool, outdoor furniture and pool covers.

Life Absorb It

Absorb and collect dirt, skin, oil, lotions, cosmetics and other organic matter contaminating water while improving filtration efficiency.

Helps to eliminate scum lines and foaming.

Life Spa Absorbant Disk

Specifically designed for spas and hot tubs, spa disk soaks up and removes body fats, oils and suntan lotion.

Life Spa Cover Wipes

Designed to clean your spa / hot tub cover removing dirt and stains without the need of additional cleaning agents.

Life Spa Glove

Specifically designed for spas and hot tubs, Soft and gentle way to clean you Spa / Hot Tub.

Life Tray Table

Adjustable legs securely attach to most makes of Spas and Hot Tubs. Sit back and relax with everything close by.

Removable for convienience.

Life Playing Cards

Unique transparent playing cards made from durable waterproof PVC. They’ll shuffle and split time and time again and do not stick together.

Also available: Spa Vacuum Set, Quality Designed Drinkware, Water Care Maintenance Kit...

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