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Maker : Hayward

Lighting your swimming pool allows you to illuminate your swimming area and brings more security as well as a relaxing atmosphere. Opt for LEDs for greater energy savings.

Much lower electricity consumption than conventional lights: 10 times less


ColorLogic/CrystalLogic LED lights

  • Long-lasting, reliable lights: these lights have a lifetime of more than 30,000 hours, thanks to their anodised aluminium casing and plastic lens, which provide exceptional protection against aggressive climate conditions and water treatment chemicals
  • Safety: the range is compliant with all European lighting regulations
  • The radio frequency communication between the lighting and remote control is also certified
  • Energy savings. The maximum electricity consumption is 16W for the Colorlogic® LED light
  • Aesthetic aspects: the Colorlogic® and Crystalogic® LED lights can be personalised to match the colour of the pool, with a choice of 4 ring colours (dark grey, light grey, sand and white)
  • An infinite number of mood options. The Colorlogic® model offers a choice of 16 lighting programmes, allowing you
    to adjust the atmosphere to suit the mood of the moment using the optional remote control. The lighting programs can be synchronised immediately with no need to turn the system off

Hayward Mini Colour LED Lights

  • Hayward range of mini LED lights integrates into all pool types (liner, concrete or fibreglass) and all pool shapes to light up specific points such as stairs, steps, fountains and pool water features.
  • LED lights come in mini LED version, in white and in colour.
  • Perfectly synchronisable with all Hayward LED lights, these mini LEDs harmonise lighting at all corners of the pool

Hayward LED Controller

  • Compatible with all LED lamps on the market
  • Radiofrequency controllers
  • Remote control is included
  • 3 items (needs an external transformer) for 2 LED control, 6 or 8.

Certikin LT Colour Change LED Lights

High intensity LED lighting. Environmentally friendly thanks to its long life (up to 100,000 hours) and high energy efficiency (uses 80% less power than a traditional lighting (system)
The PAR 56 multicolour can be controlled in 2 ways 1. By installing a push button for each light 2. With a control panel which can be synchronised up to 15 lights. An optional remote is available for the control panel

  • Power Supply 12v
  • Power consumption 35W
  • 12 LED’s ( 3 Red , 3 Green , 3 Blue )
  • Initial output 1100 colour lumens
  • IPX8 protection
  • 12 modes - 6 set colours + 6 sequences



Emaux E-Lumen X Quartz

  • Flat projector
  • Fits into 1.5" outlet / flange
  • Supplied with 2.5 m of cable
  • Transparent finish

Emaux ColorTouch Light Control Box

  • ColorTouch control box not only supports all E- Lumen X series
    lamp with direct color change and brightness adjustment, but
    also supports E-lumen ON/OFF switch type for changing lamp
  • Provides direct light colour change and two zones
    synchronized color control.
  • By using the existing two-core wires and 12Vac power system.
    ColorTouch becomes an ideal choice for most pool retrofit and
    refurbishment projects.
  • The hand-held remote-control operates up to a distance of
    50m in open areas.
  • One-touch 7 individual colors, auto-color changing, and 3-level
    brightness dimmer selections by using the remote-controller
    which features a compact, user-friendly design and is water
  • Waterproof Standard IP44.
  • The WI-FI enable version provide WIFI APPs control of all
    function as remote handset over mobile phone.
  • Easy to use - Connect WI-FI, open APPs (Android Apps only)
    and play without setting.
  • Current color mode display on mobile phone.
  • WIFI Light sensor auto power on under development

BRIO RC + Bluetooth Sync Panel Inc Remote

11 colours and 7 programmes sequences : BRiO RC + offers many options for your lights. You can select several colours and 7 sequences (psychedelic, blue variations, etc.). With the BT models (Bluetooth version – App Compatible) you may use your smartphone/tablet, to vary the luminosity and speed of sequences etc. Compatible with many light types : BRiO RC + system is compatible with all multicolour lights manufactured by CCEI. You can create an installtion with large and mini lights and they will all be synchronized.

LED lights on your phone : BRiO RC + BT is a system which allows you to control LED lights with your phone. Thanks to an app (iOS or Android), you can choose the colour of many lights.


Mini Brio 2 LED Lights

The Mini Brio 2 LED light generation gives an unmatched powerful and compact solution to lighting up your pools with x2 power increase of 100% it gives you many possibilities in pool lighting.
Install the Mini Brio 2 in CCEI wall conduits and take advantage of a compact design solution, furthermore there is no need to pull the connection up above the water line as the wall conduit is watertight at the back.


Mid-BRIO lights


A combination of many technologies, the Mid-BRiO offers an unrivalled power / light / size ratio in the swimming pool market. Light up your pools with a light that has a diameter of just 75mm and delivers
up to 2,400 lumen.
The Mid-BRiO fits into standard 1.5” wall conduits and offers a light beam angle of up to 160°: no more dark spots in the pool!
Where other lights diffuse 120°, the Mid-BRiO illuminates more of the pool delivering high performance lighting with hardly any unlit areas.
For a customised finish, the Mid-BRiO is available in two coloured bezels


Tild VP

Remotely controllable smart box to manage :

  • Filtration
  • Lighting
  • Heat pump (power supply)
  • Auxiliary outputs (outdoor lighting, booster, fountain, etc.)
  • All via the Vigipool app
  • Different modes of programming the filtration (schedules, water
    temperature, forced operation, etc.)
  • LED lighting control (CCEI colour control, direct colour selection, dimming brightness)
  • Built in Frost protection device

Vigipool is your new smartphone application that allows you to always have your equipment room in your pocket.
In this application, centralise the equipment in the technical room and control your devices connected to the house’s Wifi from anywhere in the world.
After setting the parameters, the tild VP automatically adjusts the filtration times according to the water temperature every day. This means that the user does not have to go to the equipment room to change the filter times every time the temperature changes. Comfort guaranteed.
The temperature-controlled mode of the filtration means that the filtration pump is not overused. This saves energy on a daily basis and reduces wear and tear on the pump.

    Tild VP allows you to control the main functions of the pool such as the filtration pump, the pool lighting or the heat pump. The whole system is automated according to events (water temperature, sunset, low temperature).
    Set up and monitor your pool on your Vigipool application! Turn on your lights and change the colours on your deckchair or check remotely that the filtration pump is correctly set up. At home or remotely and integrate your control panel into a global application to control your technical room!
    tild VP is equipped with a Wifi / Bluetooth connection allowing remote control of the device. Discover the comfort of a pool that is always under control.

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