Pool Supplies

You can enhance your swimming experience even further with items such as pool access equipment, upstream swimming, alarms... Here, you’ll also find all the sealant items you’ll need to ensure your pool works perfectly.


Mini LED lighting


LED Lights Color Logic II


Britestream Pool LED Lights


Pool-fittings Badu Jet


Aqualarm Pool Alarm


Pool ladders make getting in and out of your pool a breeze. They are crucial if your pool doesn’t have stairs, or if you don’t want to build a concrete staircase in your pool. There are various types available, ranging from classic stainless steel and aluminium models to double ladders designed especially for above-ground pools.

Upstream swimming

Upstream swimming units create a powerful water current, allowing you to swim against the tide. This is fun and helps keep you in shape, too. They also provide an active massage experience.

Upstream swimming pumps take in water, pressurising it and sending it back into the pool through a nozzle. Obviously, you can adjust the flow to adapt it to different abilities.


Pool alarms are designed to help prevent drowning accidents in your pool. Pool alarms are placed on the surface of the water or around the pool. They are activated if anything enters or falls into the target zone. However, the alarm on its own is not sufficient to provide safety: active adult supervision remains indispensable.

White goods for your pool

White goods play a vital role in your pool, as they ensure that it remains safe and functional. There are two types of white goods: filtration units and additional units.

Among the units used for filtration, you have the skimmer (or surface skimmer) unit, designed to keep your water completely clean.

You’ll also find the main drain, which works with your skimmer to suck up the water from the bottom of the pool to filter it or drain your pool.

What’s more, there is a broom socket, which is only needed if you have a cleaning robot (hydraulic or manual sweeper) for your pool - this is designed to connect your cleaning devices.

The backflow nozzle sends the filtered water back into the pool and pushes the water towards the skimmer. This is the last step in the filtration process. With enough nozzles, you’ll guarantee effective water distribution and ensure that your cleaning products are efficiently dispersed throughout the pool.

Among the additional white goods, you’ll find the projector which illuminates your pool from the inside, or even the level regulator, which maintains the water level in your pool at a constant height and keeps your skimmers skimming effectively.

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