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You’ll find a whole host of products to make your swimming sessions even more comfortable.

Make the most of your gym with a full range of pool games and aquatic sports.


Bull Premium Grills

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Fitness in the water is a major trend right now! Aquatic sports are a wonderful way to keep fit on a daily basis. Aquatraining is the hottest new thing in water sports: it is a whole-body activity which combines pleasure, relaxation, muscle training and cardiovascular activity for old and young alike, even if you’re not a regular sportsman - or even a swimmer.

Pool sports

Have a little bit more fun when you swim with our pool sports and inflatable pool equipment. Pool sports and games are huge fun for parents and children alike! During the summer, children spend countless hours in the pool. It’s not just an opportunity to cool down - it’s also a great place to have fun and play games.


We’re proud to present our range of Aquaness water bikes. The key advantage of using a water bike in your pool for aquagym or aquafitness is the amazing ease of movement - you’ll be much less fatigued, as your body floats in the water. You’ll have much more freedom when you exercise in the pool.

Aquagym is a new concept in gymnastics, which combines swimming with fitness exercises in a swimming pool. It consists of a series of exercises in the water which work to tone up your muscles. You do it by pushing off the floor or walls of the pool, or by using accessories like our Aquagym Kit.

Aquasports are also a great way to rebuild injured muscles, bones and joints for older swimmers.

Don’t forget you can enhance your swimming experience and comfort with a range of equipment such as showers, waterfalls, diving boards and water slides! 

Pool showers

Whether straight or inclined, solar or traditional, there is something for everyone. Showers are a great way to enhance your comfort around the pool. Choose your model according to the number of people who’ll be using the showers - especially if you choose a solar shower, which doesn’t offer the same capacity in terms of design and material.

Waterfalls and waterwalls

Personalise your pool with a great little decorative touch such as a waterfall or waterwall at the side of your pool. A beautiful, relaxing solution!

Diving boards and water slides

High-adrenaline accessories for adults and children alike!

There are a wide range of diving boards available: static, removable, flexible and rigid:

  • Static diving boards are installed at the same time as your pool, on the edge;
  • Removable diving boards are set on the edge of your pool, and can be moved whenever you need them to;
  • Flexible polyester resin diving boards are reinforced with fibreglass, giving you an extra bounce before taking off;
  • Rigid flat or gently curved diving boards are a great way to have fun diving, but with perfect safety in mind.

And our water slides are perfect if you just want a little more fun in your pool!

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