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Pool Cleaners dedicated to simplify and reduce your pool maintenance workload, to maximize your pool enjoyment while minimizing maintenance chores.

The pool vacuum cleaner Vektro Pro, from the manufacturer Kokido, a vacuum cleaner strongly recommended for cleaning a small pool or spa but also for medium to large pools to perfect the cleaning of your robot in the corners or on the steps of your pool.

Why choose Vektro Pool Cleaners?

For its easy use!

The Vektro Pro pool vacuum cleaner is ultra easy to use. A single press of a single button to turn it on or off. Then, all you have to do is immerse the robot and vacuum the debris. Don't forget to adapt your filter to the granularity of the debris to be vacuumed. It has a small valve to empty the water contained in the vacuum cleaner once it has been extracted from the pool.

The Vektro Pro, comes with accessories!

This unit comes with two rigid and easy-to-drain conical filters, you must insert the filter, which is best suited to the type of debris to be vacuumed. Its transparent body allows you to see at a glance whether or not the filter should be emptied. Its swivelling cleaning head is equipped with wheels that facilitate its sliding on all types of pools. In addition, it has flexible bumpers to protect the siding and walls of your pool from any knocks that may be given during cleaning.


Vektro Auto Pool Cleaner

Cordless robotic pool cleaner with roller

Key Features

  • Cordless Operation Unrestricted by power cables.
  • Versatility Works in flat bottom in ground and above ground pools.
  • Patented “Stop & Go” system allows for efficient cleaning.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable batteries immune from memory effect, consistent performance, extended life.

Other Features

  • Water Sensor : Motor activates only when submerged.
  • Waterproof magnetic switchLED battery indicator: S tarts blinking when 10 minutes of usage remains
  • Angled fins design to main surface contact
  • Integrated handle facilitates cleaner removal from the pool
  • Bagless Debris Management : Spacious compartment to trap a large amount of debris with the textile mesh.
  • Clip on Roller & Brush : Help capturing debris to increase vacuuming
  • Ideal for pools up to 24ft / 7.3m in diameter or 484ft²/ 45m²

Vektro Pro II Pool Cleaner

Fast & Powerful Cordless Cleaning Experience

  • For inground pools, above-ground pools & spas
  • Rechargeable Pool Vacuum
  • Features:
    • Large 1.2L debris capacity
    • Simple one latch opening system
    • Fine filter sock for debris down to 50μ m
    • Transparent pivoting suction head designed for increased suction
    • Powerful 12V motor
    • Waterproof magnetic switch
    • Handheld or connect to standard telescopic pole
    • Ideal for medium to large pools

Vektro Mini Pool Cleaner

Your Small Pool & Spa Cleaning Essential

  • For small above-ground pools & spas
  • Rechargeable Pool & Spa Vacuum
  • Features:
    • Stainless steel mesh for better filtration
    • Waterproof magnetic switch
    • Water sensor ON/OFF
    • Light and easy to operate
  • Includes:
    • Pole in 4 section s (total length 140cm / 4.6ft
    • 1 pivoting vacuum head
    • 1 flat nozzle with clip on brush
    • 1 Stainless steel filter

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