• PVC trouble shooting guide


    PVC trouble shooting guide

    Find how to solve the main problems observed on PVC and the way to treat them.

  • Renovate Your Pool Now to Save Money Later


    Renovate Your Pool Now to Save Money Later

    Thinking about starting a renovation project that will give new life to your pool? Learn all the reasons why updating your pool is a good idea and an economically smart choice in the long run.

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    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    Salt Water Chlorination

    Salt water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt as a chlorination system that can used for both swimming pools and hot tubs.

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    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Saunas & Infrared Cabins

    Sauna enjoyment at the highest level. Powerful, functional and perfectly adapted to your personal needs. Intelligent solutions for the perfect wellness experience.

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    Pool Filters & Pumps

    Single Speed Pumps

    A single-speed pump is the simplest type of swimming pool pump. There are no speed settings, and you can’t dial the power up or down. If it’s on, it’s running at full speed.

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    Pool Covers

    Sokool Pool Enclosures, Covers, and Reels

    Explore this qualitative range of swimming pool enclosures, covers, and reels from Sokool!

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    Pool Covers

    Sokool Spa Enclosures

    Discover this high-quality range of spa from Sokool; a brand known for it's durable and diverse selection!

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    Pool Covers

    Solar, Winter & Thermal Swimming Pool Covers

    Winter covers are used to protect your pool when no longer in use It is installed just before winter and is removed at the beginning of the swim season.

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    Above Ground & In Ground Pools

    SolidBric: In-Ground Pool Kit

    SolidBric Pool Kit System is manufactured from expanded very dense polystyrene blocks which creates a double layer "thermos" effect energy saving pool.

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    Comfort & Pool Games

    Soundcast Speakers

    Premium quality sound and design to allow you to experience music like nerver before!

  • Starting up in spring


    Starting up in spring

    When should you start up your pool in spring?
    What are the steps to take for a stress free start-up?

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    Pool Cleaners

    Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

    Simple and sturdy, all suction-side pool cleaners work using the same principle: they have a drive unit that houses 2 electric motors. One drives the tracks that let the machine travel while the other draws water in through the filtration panels.

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    Pool Filters & Pumps

    Swimming Pool Filters

    A pool filter assists in ensuring that your pool water is clean and clear. A pool filter is one of the most crucial aspects in your swimming pool.

  • Taking Care of Your Spa in the Summer


    Taking Care of Your Spa in the Summer

    This summer you want to enjoy your Spa? Discover the 5 steps to keep your spa at its best!

  • The Benefits of the Sauna


    The Benefits of the Sauna

    What are the differences between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna?

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