In-Ground Pool Kits

Design and build an inground swimming pool with a wide selection of inground pool kits and accessories.


Cascade Swimming Pools

  • Over 8,600 pools installed as a result of Cascade being
    the UK’s largest liner pool installation dealer network.
  • Polymer Panel and Bracing system allows construction to the highest specification of rigidity and strength.
  • The Mate - Lock system on the panels interconnects
    assuring positive alignment.
  • Performance Step Units
  • The unique and exclusive Aquagenie Skimmer removes floating debris much faster than ordinary skimmers. In addition it provides a constant controlled supply of chlorine to the pool water automatically.
  • Lifetime Wall Panel Warranty, which is once transferable
  • All Cascade dealers have supported areas in which they operate

SolidBric Insulated Pools

The SolidBric Pool Kit System is manufactured from expanded very dense polystyrene blocks which creates a double layer "thermos" effect energy saving pool. Strengthen with vertical and horizontal steel bars and then filled with concrete it forms the basis for the perfect pool.

  • Excellent double insulation system saving energy
  • Ideal for self construction (lighter compared to concrete blocks)
  • Our blocks lock top, bottom & both ends for easy build
  • Very quick construction method therefore reducing labour costs
  • Minimum over dig required saving time & material costs
  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvrability
  • Smooth finish ready for the underlay & liner
  • Can be cut, sealed & repaired easily - ideal for the DIY market
  • Blocks are marked every 25cm vertically & horizontally for easy cutting
  • Shaped pools, Roman Ends, Steps easily added into the configuration
  • Competitive price for blocks only or complete kit
  • Installation manual available
  • One of the most efficient insulation value on the market of R-3.05m2 0k/w

Fiberglass Steps by Performance Pool Product

  • Solid bracing grid system of thermoplastic material
  • One piece moulded design will not delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture
  • Interlocking grid system supports the entire tread surface and prevents material fatigue
  • Raised, non-slip tread pattern
  • Modular bracing allows for optional deck support
  • Moulded in dead-end block for water tight screw encapsulation

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