Above Ground & In Ground Pools

So you’ve made the decision to invest in a pool, but can’t decide whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool? Come and discover our selection of above-ground and in-ground pool and make the right choice!


In-Ground Pool Kits

Design and build an inground swimming pool with a wide selection of inground pool kits and accessories.


Garden Leisure Steel & Metal Frame Above-Ground Pools

Garden Leisure provides the perfect backdrop for the lifestyle you deserve. Learn more about above-ground swimming pools.


Wooden Pools

The natural beauty of wooden swimming pools fit perfectly into the garden and harmonise with the natural surroundings. Our Rec pool can be installed on ground / inground / partial inground and has a 5 Year wood warranty.

Above-ground pools

These are more economical and quicker to install than buried pools. As fully independent units, above-ground pools have a filtration system to filter their water. There are a variety of different types of above-ground pools available on the market.

Above-ground pools can be taken down whenever you want!

These models are extremely convenient. Set them up as soon as it’s warm enough to swim, then take them down when the season’s over. There are two types of above-ground pools: inflatable models or free-standing pools.

Inflatable above-ground pools are by far the most economical models on the market, and they are extremely easy to use. All you need is an inflation system and you’re ready to go!

As for the free-standing above-ground pools, there are some similarities with the inflatable models. Just inflate the band around the top lip of the PVC canvas, and you’re ready to get swimming!

Swimming pool kits: a solid choice!

Swimming pool kits offer a rigid structure, making them some of the most robust and comfortable models available. You can choose from either a tubular or rigid above-ground pool.

The first is similar to a free-standing pool, but the steel tube framework makes it much more solid.

The second type uses rigid sheet steel siding, which is assembled to form the structure of the pool. With a rigid above-ground pool you have more choice in terms of pool sizes and shapes. It guarantees a more robust and long-lasting structure, and can stay up in your garden all year round.

In-ground pools

In-ground pools are a different project altogether. They offer an unparalleled, exceptional swimming experience over the long term, and don’t necessarily take up a lot of space. There are now a range of smaller models available, suitable for all spaces and all kinds of swimmer!

You do need to complete a certain number of administrative formalities when you build your pool, however, and you’ll need to ensure that it complies with all the town planning rules where you live. What’s more, in most cases, you’ll need authorisation from the town hall before you can start building your swimming pool.

And on top of this, you are legally required to protect your swimming pool with an AFNOR-approved safety system.

There are various types of in-ground pools: concrete, hull or kit:

  • In-ground concrete pools are by far the most robust, resistant, attractive and customisable pools you can install;
  • Choose a polyester hull if you’re looking for speedy installation. Just choose a colour from our selection - the model is then delivered to you in a single piece;
  • When you choose an in-ground pool kit, you’re getting an in-ground pool at an attractive price. These can be made from polystyrene, polymer resin panels, stainless steel or even galvanised steel.
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Come and discover our selection of above-ground and in-ground pool and make the right choice for your budget and your backyard! GB
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