How Does a Swimming Pool Work?

Published on 03 July 2020

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Not sure what certain parts of your pool are for? Take a look at our interactive image and the inter-workings of a swimming pool will no longer hold any secrets for you.


  1. Skimmer: A crucial element in the filtration of pool water because it draws in the larger impurities that float at water level. This is where most debris settles before sinking to the bottom. 
  2. Level regulator: Detects any drop in the pool water level and thus maintains the water level by automatically adding the necessary amount of water.
  3. Bottom drain: Removes debris from the bottom of the pool, participates in the filtration and mixing of disinfection products and homogenises the water temperature. The bottom drain allows partial or complete emptying if necessary. 
  4. Suction Inlet: This is the intersection of the different suction paths (skimmer, bung, brush plug, etc.) just before the pump. The suction inlet is equipped with valves to manage the flow and isolate suction if necessary.
  5. Pump: The pump generates the flow needed to filter the water and feeds it to the filter.
  6. Filter: The filter is essential for the proper functioning of the pool. It eliminates by accumulation the impurities present in the pool water.
  7. Booster: Discharge of pressurized water into the pool to feed a self-contained hydraulic pressure washer.
  8. Pool Control Box: The electrical box is what corresponds to the control panel of your pool. Without it, there is no pump, no lights, no heating or other electrical equipment.
  9. Delivery Nozzle: Return of the filtered water back into the pool after it has passed through the filtration and treatment/heating system.
  10. Suction Point: User to connect all types of hydraulic cleaners and vacuum cleaners (excluding electric robots).
  • Heat Pump: The pump will heat the water in your pool by transferring thermal energy through a high and low temperature refrigerating circuit. 
  • Electrolyser: This apparatus is responsible for the automatic transformation of salt water into chlorinated water. With this feature, one avoids the manual addition of chlorine. 
  • Pressure Cleaner: This swimming pool cleaner operates by utilizing the brush outlet used in discharge and fed by a booster. 
  • Swimming Pool Lighting: These light projector for are perfect for lighting up your pool, choose between halogen or multi-coloured LED. 

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