How do you effectively treat milky or cloudy water in a swimming pool?

Published on 05 June 2023

Category : Maintenance

A swimming pool is a place for relaxation and leisure where crystal-clear water is essential for a pleasant experience...

A swimming pool is a place for relaxation and leisure where crystal-clear water is essential for a pleasant experience. However, sometimes the water becomes milky or cloudy, which can spoil the pleasure of swimming. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. In this article, we'll give you three essential tips for treating milky or cloudy pool water and getting back to clear, healthy water.

Before we start, what are the reasons?

  • There are several possible answers:
  • Algae: develop in the absence of adequate chlorine levels.
  • Fine particles: plant debris, dust or chemical residues can contribute to this cloudy effect.
  • Chemical imbalances: in particular pH, chlorine or alkalinity levels
  • The filtration system: if it is clogged, it will not be able to eliminate the suspensions in the water.
  • Intensive use of the pool: which will increase the impurities introduced into the water
  • Weather conditions: heavy rain can introduce external contaminants into your water.

How to treat your water :

  • Checking and cleaning the filtration system:

The filtration system is a key element in maintaining clear water in your pool. If the water becomes milky or cloudy, it's essential to check and clean the various components of the filtration system. Start by checking that the filter is clean and working properly. Clean it or replace it if necessary. Next, make sure that the pump is working properly and that the water flow is sufficient to filter all the water in the pool effectively. Regular cleaning of the skimmer baskets and pump pre-filters is also recommended to remove any debris that could clog the filtration system.

  • Check and rebalance chemical levels:

pH, chlorine and alkalinity levels should be maintained within specific ranges to ensure healthy, clear water. Use a water analysis kit to measure these parameters and adjust them accordingly. If the pH is too high or too low, it can cause water turbidity problems. Add appropriate chemicals to restore the balance and maintain recommended levels.

  • Shock treatment:

A shock treatment is a powerful method of quickly removing impurities and bacteria from pool water. When the water becomes milky or cloudy, this can be a sign of serious contamination. A shock treatment based on active oxygen or unstabilised chlorine can help eliminate contaminants and clarify the water. Be sure to filter the water thoroughly during and after treatment to ensure a rapid result.

To remember :

Treating milky or cloudy pool water requires a methodical approach by checking and rebalancing chemical levels, carrying out an appropriate shock treatment and checking and cleaning the filtration system. It's important to keep these three aspects in good condition to ensure that the water is clear, healthy and pleasant for bathers.

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