• Sand filter


    Sand filter

    The sand filter: the choice for 80% of pool owners!
    Great value for money and easy to maintain.

  • sauna-vitamy

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Infra Red Cabins

    Highest quality combined with innovative technology provides you with soothingly warm moments. Strong performance for gentle relaxation.

  • sentiotec1

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Sauna

    Sauna enjoyment at the highest level. Powerful, functional and perfectly adapted to your personal needs. Intelligent solutions for the perfect wellness experience.

  • 5termo-higrometro-standard

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Sauna Accessories

    Sentiotec offers a large range of accessories to make your wellness experience even better!

  • a2-9kw

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Sauna and Infrared control units

    Maximum user comfort with Sentiotec control units for your sauna and infrared cabin.

  • ari-parede-copy

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Sentiotec Sauna Heaters

    The heart of the sauna: the sauna heaters, an extremely performant range for an amazing sauna experience!

  • Shape



    Rectangular, geometric or free-form: three possible shapes for your pool.
    Fitted with a concrete staircase along one side or a modular staircase at the end, it lets you add a touch of originality.

  • silensor-fonction

    Pool Filters & Pumps

    Silensor Pool Pumps by Davis

    Silensor pool pumps from Davey arecomposed of a unique water-cooled motor for super quiet operation with high efficiency.

  • poolenclosurescliviasokool3

    Pool Covers

    Sokool Pool Enclosures, Covers, and Reels

    Discover this qualitative range of pool enclosures, covers, and reels from Sokool!

  • sokool-spa-enclosures-rotonde

    Pool Covers

    Sokool Spa Enclosures

    Discover this high-quality range of spa from Sokool; a brand known for it's durable and diverse selection!

  • cjp-800-0010-11

    Above Ground & In Ground Pools

    SolidBric: in ground pool kit

    SolidBric Pool Kit System is manufactured from expanded very dense polystyrene blocks which creates a double layer "thermos" effect energy saving pool.

  • soundcastvg1

    Comfort & Pool Games

    Soundcast VG1 waterproof speaker

    Soundcast VG1 offers a high quality sound and allow you to experience music like never before.

  • soundcastvg3

    Comfort & Pool Games

    Soundcast VG3 & VG5

    Premium quality sound and design to allow you to experience music like nerver before!

  • soundcastvg7

    Comfort & Pool Games

    Soundcast VG7

    Soundcast VG7: serious sound for people serious about their music.

  • Spa therapy and counter-current swimming


    Spa therapy and counter-current swimming

    Spa therapy: all the benefits of a massage in your pool!
    You'll no longer have to choose between a massage and a swim.

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