Pool heaters are not indispensable for your pool, but they will make it more comfortable and allow you to swim for longer in spring and autumn - and even swim all year round, depending on where you live. There are various systems available: solar, electric, heat exchangers and heat pumps. Come and discover all of our products, giving you a high-performance heating system for your pool.


Heat Exchangers and Electric Heaters

A swimming pool heat exchanger uses conduction and hot water from a boiler to heat pool water. Whereas electric heating systems are integrated directly into the water treatment circuit.


Pool Heat Pumps

Either for small and mid-size pools, a complete range of heat pump from our partners



A dehumidifier converts wet air into dry air by cooling it down with a process similar to refrigeration and air conditioning.


Garden Pac InverTech Pool Heat Pump

The latest Garden Pac InverTech Pool Heat Pump & Poolstyle heat pump brand: an energy saving and silent pump for your pool!

Solar heating

This is a fully environmentally-friendly solution: free, renewable energy to heat your pool! If you live in a sunny region, then solar power is the perfect option for you. Enjoy significant savings on your energy bills!

Solar energy is captured using solar panels. It works by passing pool water over solar sensors, which heat the water naturally and send it back into the pool. For the best possible results, the solar panels must enjoy maximum exposure to the sun.

This does represent a considerable investment, but it will pay off over the long term.

Electric heating

Electric heating systems are integrated directly into the water treatment circuit. Water runs through the pool filter and is then heated by the electric heater before being sent into the pool at the right temperature.

Electric heating systems are quick and easy to install in your pool’s technical space. However, it takes a lot of electricity to heat the water in your pool: expect to receive some hefty energy bills. 

Pool heat exchangers

Heat exchangers offer excellent value for money. They use the hot water in your home’s heating system to heat the water in your pool.

The water is heated by your boiler, so make sure you research the various types of boiler available and choose one which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The final temperature of your pool water will depend on the power of your boiler. However, it generally doesn’t take long to come up to temperature.

Heat pumps

This is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and versatile heating solutions available.

Heat pumps turn the energy in the air into heat for your pool. In general, heat pumps take heat from the air and send it to the water in your pool.

It is more powerful and less expensive than an electric heater.

It does require a major financial investment, but it’ll save you money over the long term with its low energy consumption. On the other hand, it won’t work if the temperature outside is too low.

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