Pool Filters & Pumps

The filtration system acts as the lungs for your pool. It allows you to purify your pool, keeping the water clear, healthy and pure. Unfiltered water will cause impurities to build up, allowing bacteria to develop. Filtration systems purify your pool by regularly renewing the water inside.

Come and discover all of our pool filtration products.


Pump Silensor Pro Premium VSD400 from Davey - Now with Bluetooth

Pump Silensor Pro Premium VSD400 from Davey - Now with Bluetooth. Ideal for pool filtration, in-floor pool cleaning systems, connection to external pool controllers, heat pumps and gas heaters. High efficiency, super quiet, water cooled design. Bluetooth enabled. Backwash speed cycling technology.


Pump Silensor Pro VSD200 from Davey - Now with Bluetooth

Pump Silensor Pro VSD200 from Davey. Ideal for pool filtration, water features
and pool & spa heating systems. High efficiency, super quiet, water cooled design. Bluetooth enabled. Backwash speed cycling technology.


Pump SuperPump Pro from Hayward

SuperPump Pro from Hayward - Heavy duty, high performance motor for quieter operation. Easy maintenance: large basket and exclusive swing-away
hand knobs - no tools required. Easy to install: union kit included.


Pentair Pool Pumps and Filters

Keep your pool water sparkling clean with Pentair products. Pentair provides a wide selection of pool and spa filters that come in a wide range of designs to keep pools healthy.


SuperPool Pool Filters

The range of Superpool side mount filters offer excellent quality and reliability.


Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward Pro-Series HL TL Side Sand filters: the best pool filter now available!


Powerline pump filter combination

Powerline pump filter is ideal for above ground pool.


Davey Starflo Pool Pump

Designed to filter and circulate efficiently pool water.


Poolstyle pump filter combinations

Poolstyle filtration is the ideal solution for keeping clean and crystal clear water throughout the swimming season!


Azur Pump Filter combinations

One piece, non-corrosive tank of unequalled strength and durability


Cartridge Pool Filters SwimClear

SwimClear cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and offer very fine filtration.


Intellipool Control System

Remote Monitoring and Control system designed to get the most out of your IntelliFlo® variable speed pump.


Star Clear and Star Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

Extra cleaning capacity for a crystal clear water.


Pre Filtration Lacron Multicyclone Plus

MultiCyclone Plus combines centrifugal and
cartridge filtration into one streamlined housing,
creating an ultra compact filtration system.


Waterco Filters

Discover Waterco's exceptional line of Lacon Filters for swimming pools.


Waterco Pool Pumps

Discover the wide selectin of Waterco Pool Pumps. Great quality, low cost and easily swapped without any adjustments to plumbing.


SuperPool Pool Pumps

Superpool Pump: a high-performance equipment designed to last at a great value!


Hayward Pumps

Versatile, efficient and reliable, it satisfies all the demands you can make on a Hayward® pump.


Pentair & Sta-Rite Pumps

Possible selection of a very precise speed or flow to perfectly suit your needs at anytime! Discover Pentair and Sta-Rite Pumps for your swimming pool.


Silensor Pool Pumps by Davis

Silensor pool pumps from Davey arecomposed of a unique water-cooled motor for super quiet operation with high efficiency.


Hayward Progrid Filters

A benchmark in this field, the Hayward Pro-Grid diatom filter offers 2 to 5 micron filtration of incomparable quality to the most demanding of swimmers.


Hayward Series Pro Sand Filters

New generation pool filter answering the standards of the pool market.


Case Study: What is Zeolite

An innovative and intelligent filter media.

The filter and the pump are directly responsible for the quality of the water in your pool. These two components live in your technical space, an independent outdoor space which is protected from the elements.

They constitute the primary mechanism in the effort to clean and purify your water, playing a key role to keep your water crystal clear and safe for swimming.

In the filtration circuit, the water is “pressurised” by the power of the pump and is forced through the filter and cleaned mechanically. 

Pool pumps

The pump is a key element of the filtration system, forcing the water through the filter. Without the pump, you’ll never achieve crystal clear water.

The pump’s suction system takes pool water from the skimmer to the filter. It also contains a pre-filter, which works to trap the largest impurities. 

You must choose a pool pump which is suitable for the volume of your swimming pool.

The filter

The filter acts to purify the water in your pool using a filter cartridge, which removes the purities in your water. There are various sorts of filter available, such as sand filters, diatom filters or cartridge filters.

  • Sand filter: the water is filtered by being passed through a layer of sand;
  • Diatom filter: here, the water is filtered using an extremely fine, porous and absorbent powder made from fossilised microscopic algae skeletons – these are known as diatoms. This thin layer of diatoms is spread onto a nylon or polyester membrane, which is stretched over a support;
  • Cartridge filter: water is filtered using a cartridge made from plant or synthetic fibre.
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