How to Measure a Freeform Pool?

Published on 31 October 2017

Category : Construct

You want to build a freeform pool in your backyard. But how to measure a freeform pool?

A freeform pool is definitely hard to measure. To get an accurate measurement we suggest to use the A and B point method. It involves measuring a series of points around the perimeter of the pool from two fixed points at least 5 feet from the pool.

To start with, start with fixing the two points: A and B. These two points should be roughly 5 feet from the edge of the pool. Do not forget to record the distance from the pool. Also, make sure to measure the exact distance between point A and B and record it.

Then, continue with marking the points around the edge of the pool. The points should be approximately 2 or 3 feet apart along the coping, directly above the pool wall. Number each of these points. The distance between the points can vary depending on the radius.

Bear in mind how essential transition points are. Place a mark where a radius starts or ends as well as where two straight sections come together at an angle. Do not forget to mark where the steps starts and ends if your pool comes with a step.

Measure from point A to point 1 and from B to point 1. Record the measurements and repeat the exercise for all points to find the overall width of the shallow end and deep end. Do not forget to mark which numbers are at the brake lines. You will also need to identify the total length and width of the pool. In order to do this, choose a point in the shallow end and another one in the deep end. Record which points were used and what the measurement was.

By using this method, you can measure any pool!


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