How to Choose the Location of Your Spa

Published on 06 February 2020

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In the rush of excitement after a spa purchase, it’s important to remember it’s not just what’s inside the spa that will perfect your experience — it’s also what’s above, below and beside it. Be prepared to consider everything from weather to weight during your contractor’s pre-installation visit.

12 Quick Tips to Pick the Best Place for Your New Spa

  • You will need a firm, level surface (i.e., concrete, pavers, portable pad)
  • If you use concrete, allow plenty of time for it to cure
  • Consider the location of the nearest bathroom
  • Consider privacy views from neighbors
  • Make sure there is easy access to the garden hose
  • Check your city codes for electrical requirements and placement
  • Use a licensed electrician
  • Make sure there is access to service panels
  • Avoid placing the spa underneath gutters or eaves
  • Consider installing a walkway to the spa to help keep out dirt and leaves
  • Make sure the area is equipped for proper drainage
  • In-home installations require proper ventilation according to local building code

Site Selection

Once you’ve chosen a hot tub, your next step is a site survey.

The salesperson comes out to the customer’s house, and helps the new owner understand what is needed. A site survey will also identify potential problems for the delivery team, and help the customer start to visualize how the tub will fit into their yard.

Another way to help you imagine how and where to place your new spa is by using something simple like chalk or a blanket to mark off various places you might want to put it. Grab your garden hose and place it on the lawn in the position where you want the hot tub, aligning it in the basic shape and size of the tub. This will allow you to see the space it will take up and the size of the walkway around the tub, and it is super easy to move around the yard to see if you’ve got it where you want it.

Many dealers will help you with a site survey and will help you line up contractors or electricians if needed.

Some people prefer to install their new hot tub on a deck. This can be a wonderful location, but you need to consult with a professional to ensure the deck will sustain the weight of a fully loaded (water and people) tub.

During site selection, something experienced bathers often advise is to be sure to sit in the spot where you will be soaking and look all around. Is the view the best it can be? Is anything blocking it? Can the neighbors see in? Are you under an eave or deciduous tree?

At this stage, it is also critical to make sure the final positioning leaves space available for a service technician to access the components.


You should always consult a licensed electrician to make sure your hot tub is powered properly and safely. Different models of hot tubs and spas have different power requirements. For hot tubs that need to be hardwired for power, your electrician may use an existing breaker box or install a new one. A site survey will help you understand where you’ll need to route electrical cable to make sure that it will make it to the hot tub in the right spot.


A common misconception with hot tubs is that they require plumbing. Since they are self-contained, you can fill your hot tub with a garden hose. The water will circulate through the filtration system. Don’t forget to regularly test and treat your hot tub water!

Have you scoped out your new hot tub location? Contact the spa professionals to take action!

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