Pool Cleaners

Whether electric, hydraulic, pressurised, automatic or manual, our pool cleaning robots will fully clean the base and even the sides of your pool. We can offer a full range of pool robots to meet all your cleaning needs, and which are adapted to any kind of private or public pool.


Handheld Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners dedicated to simplify and reduce your pool maintenance workload, to maximize your pool enjoyment while minimizing maintenance chores.


Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

Simple and sturdy, all suction-side pool cleaners work using the same principle: they have a drive unit that houses 2 electric motors. One drives the tracks that let the machine travel while the other draws water in through the filtration panels.


Zenit Electric Pool Cleaners

Save time and relax while your Dolphin Zenit cleaner is cleaning your pool.


Electric Pool Cleaners

Electric robots are fully independent robots which come with their own filtration system. As a result, debris that would normally go through the pool filter, is instead collected by the cleaner.


Pressure Pool Cleaners

A pressure or pressure-side cleaner also uses on your swimming pool’s filtration and pump system in order to to take advantage of the pressurized water from of the pump.


Commercial Pool Cleaners

Save time and improve the quality of your pool water. Invest in a commercial Pool Cleaner and get uncompromising professional cleaning performance.

Pool robots are crucial: they protect your installation by cleaning the floor and sometimes even the walls of your pool. A swimming pool is a real pleasure and joy - until you need to clean it. Cleaning can be a long, tiresome task unless you choose to bring in a pool robot. With these robots, you can spend more time enjoying your pool. Clean less, swim more!

There are a variety of models available: automatic electric robots, hydraulic suction systems, hydraulic pressurised units and more.

Automatic electric robots

Electric robots are fully independent robots which come with their own filter system. As such, dirt isn’t sent to the pool filter, but is rather collected by the robot. They can be plugged into a power supply, or even come with their own rechargeable battery.

They may be more expensive than other models, but they offer longer-term savings by taking the strain off your pool’s filter system.

  • They provide a deep clean for the floor, walls, water line and stairs of your pool (depending on the model);
  • They’re easy to use and require no oversight when they clean your pool;
  • You can power them off the mains or run them off an integrated battery;
  • All dirt is stored in a filter, which will last for a long time provided you clean it regularly;
  • They are programmed to complete one or several cleaning cycles for a certain time, and will stop as soon as the cleaning cycle is finished.

Hydraulic suction robots

The hydraulic suction robot is by far the most accessible robot on the market. It’s a suction system which sweeps across your pool to suck up any dirt.

The hydraulic suction robot will only run if the filtration circuit is activated; it is connected to the filtration circuit using a floating flexible PVC tube. It moves randomly across the pool, cleaning only the floor. Dirt is sent directly to the filtration circuit. 

  • It will give the floor of your pool a deep clean;
  • It connects to the brush or skimmer plug;
  • It is very easy to use;
  • The hydraulic system also gives it a longer lifetime than an electric robot.

Hydraulic pressure robots

Pressurised pool robots are connected to the pool’s water backflow outlet. The dirt is stored directly in the filter bag, rather than in the filter circuit.

Just like the hydraulic suction robot, it moves randomly and cleans the base of your pool. Some models even clean the water at the surface.

However, you will need to install a super-charger to ensure that the cleaning process is as effective as possible.

  • With a super-charger, it is extremely effective;
  • Plug it onto the backflow nozzle;
  • The hydraulic system will generally give it a longer lifetime than an electric robot;
  • It must be installed by a professional, unless you’re using it without a super-charger.
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Whether electric, hydraulic, pressurised, automatic or manual, our pool cleaning robots will fully clean the base and even the sides of your pool. GB
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