Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

Well-being is essential for our daily lives. After a stressful day at work, who wouldn’t want to unwind in a private spa or bask in the heat of a sauna? We offer a wide range, specially designed to meet all of your “wellness” needs. 


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Whenever you think of relaxation, tranquillity, unwinding or wellness, the first thing to come to mind is always a spa or a sauna. These are the perfect places to forget your stress when you come back from a hard day at work.

Private hot tubs

The combined action of hot water and therapeutic massage will give you an amazing feeling of well-being. These private hot tubs offer a number of advantages:

  • They reduce physical pain with their massaging water streams;
  • The relaxing motions allow you to recover faster;
  • They provide exceptional relaxation;
  • They improve your everyday life by encouraging regenerating sleep;
  • You can take care of yourself or have fun with friends;
  • For certain models, the hydro-massage will help sculpt your body by working to fight cellulite;
  • They’ll clean your skin, too;
  • These benefits can be enhanced even further by using oils and plants.

Swim spas

Swim spas offer all the pleasure of swimming in a pool with added hydrotherapy in a “spa zone”, dedicated to the well-being of you, your family and friends. Upstream swimming allows you to swim harder, either regularly or occasionally, and also lets you enjoy the benefits of aquagym.

Swim spas offer a number of health benefits:

  • They eliminate toxins;
  • They relax your muscles;
  • They improve your blood circulation;
  • They improve your breathing and your endurance.


Saunas are great for your health. They keep your skin well-balanced with the combined action of heat and cold, which is particularly good for your skin.

Saunas offer a number of excellent health benefits. Spending time inside is relaxing, purifying and great for your muscles. Your immune system will receive a boost and your skin will be rejuvenated.

We’ve got a wide range of products and accessories to enhance our spa and sauna collection, such as parasols, cover-lifts, spa products and much more.

We really have everything you need for an exceptional spa or sauna experience!

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