Coatings & Liners

Pool liners are indispensable, ensuring an effective water seal for your pool. There are several different types, such as traditional liners and reinforced membranes. When building or renovating your pool, the choice of pool lining is essential. This is what will determine the look of your pool and provide an effective water seal.


Latham Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

Latham in-ground liners coming in over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs.


PROFLEX® Swimming Pool Liners

PROFLEX® by Haogenplast: a high-quality, durable 100% watertight vinyl reinforced swimming pool liner

Which liner should you choose for your pool?

Whether building a new pool or renovating an existing one, you must decide on the type of lining you want. There are 4 criteria to bear in mind when choosing your lining.

  • The durability of the lining: depending on how much you use the pool, some linings will last longer than others.
  • Guarantees: from one liner to another, the temperature, exposure to treatment product and even the sealant power may vary. Contact a professional to see which products offer which guarantees, and find the right one for you.
  • The appearance: you can choose from a wide range of colours, ensuring that the pool suits its environment.
  • The price: Contact a professional to find out how much each type of pool liner will cost.

Traditional pool liners

Traditional pool liners are the most widely-used pool lining solution, and are the most accessible on the market.

They are made from PVC, with a thickness of 75/100. It acts like a flexible, waterproof pouch which fits the shape of your pool perfectly. It is designed to suit the exact form of your pool. Install it on the walls to provide a great water seal and an attractive finish.

Liners will generally last for ten years. This lining solution is highly resistant, anti-UV, anti-algae and can also be non-slip. However, certain factors such as the quality, maintenance, treatment and even the number of swimmers can affect the lifetime of your liner.

Reinforced membranes

These are also PVC liners, but are thicker. They are made up of PVC sheets, reinforced with a polyester framework. This makes the membrane thicker and more resistant than a classic liner, providing an effective seal for 15 to 20 years. It is delivered in a roll, assembled and sealed in the pool.

  • Reinforced membranes are highly resistant as they are thicker than standard liners;
  • Like traditional liners, they are anti-UV, anti-algae and can be made non-slip;
  • They are suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes, providing an effective water seal;
  • They stand up to any weather conditions;
  • They also require very little maintenance.
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