Heat Exchangers and Electric Heaters

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A swimming pool heat exchanger uses conduction and hot water from a boiler to heat pool water. Whereas electric heating systems are integrated directly into the water treatment circuit.

Heat Exchangers


Bowman EC80-5113-1T

This heat exchanger offers a new way of heating hot tubs quickly, reducing energy costs for your customers. It’s ultra-compact, so it can be installed virtually anywhere. And at its heart is a titanium tubestack, so it is suitable for any type of pool water and comes with a 10 year guarantee*. Compared to traditional heating systems, the EC80 can help heat hot tubs in just a fraction of the time usually taken by a conventional electric unit. It can also reduce energy costs significantly, by enabling hot tubs to be heated from alternative or renewable energy sources. Titanium is the Ultimate ‘fit and forget’ pool solution.

  • Titanium Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers can withstand attack from all known chemicals and can be used on any type of pool or spa water.
  • Can be used on saline pool water and with salt water chlorinators.
  • 10 Year guarantee on titanium components in contact with pool water.
  • Greater heat transfer properties so increased performance, resulting in smaller unit size requirement.
  • Lower ‘whole life’ cost as has extended life and lower maintenance.
  • Eliminates the possibility of galvanic reaction within the heat exchanger.
  • Composite end covers and solvent weld connectors for easy installation.
  • Integral 7mm thermostat pocket.
  • Easily removable tube stack and end covers makes cleaning and maintenance very simple.

Poolsmart Plus

The Poolsmart Plus features a digital touch screen display, allowing you to control the functions at a touch of a finger. BMS ( Building Management System ) intergation ready - easily intergrated the controller to communicate with your BMS system. The Priority Heating function allows the controller to overide the circulation pumps time clock, switching the circulation pump on, allowing the heating appliance to heat the water to the required temperature, the controller will then switch the circulation pump off; ensuring your pool is always maintained at the perfect temperature.

  • Digital Touch Screen Display
  • BMS ( Building Management System ) Integration Ready
  • Priority Heating - Ensuring your pool is constantly maintained at the perfect temperature
  • Accurate Temperature Control to 0.50C
  • Diagnostic Display
  • Programmable 24 -hour time clock
  • Pool temperature display
  • Suitable for use with salt water pools

Elecro Heat Exchangers

Elecro Multi-Tubular heat exchangers are comprised of a 37-piece Titanium tube bundle, giving a vast surface contact area for the two water circuits. The primary circuit chamber – through which water from the heating source travels, is very narrow ensuring heat is absorbed and replaced with Hot water quickly. These strategic design features, enable the Elecro heat exchangers to perform very efficiently, even when working with low value. Primary temperatures such as Solar heating systems.The rigid aluminium jacket, encapsulating a pocket of air, thermally insulate the entire unit ensuring that heat is transferred within the desired chamber and absorbed by the swimming pool water, rather than lost to the atmosphere.

Electric Heaters


Elecro Nano Splasher

Specifically designed to ensure maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, the Nano Splasher fully titanium “Plug & Play” heater is an
ideal solution for soft/hard sided and splasher pools.

  • Easy installation, fully equipped and pre-wired
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation
  • Supplied with temperature thermostat and overheating sensor
  • Compact, durable design
  • Analogue control with 1.2°C differential
  • Titanium flow tube and titanium heating element
  • Can be floor or vertically wall mountedVortex, long life, stay clean heating element technology
  • 100% efficiency throughout the product life
  • Silent operation

Optima Compact

The Optima Compact range can be easily operated using the digital thermostat, accurate to 0.5°C and is ready for integration to your
Building Management System. The heater’s outlet manifold accommodates a flow switch, with gold tipped reed, that provides a
signal to the control board for ultimate reliability and safety

  • Robust and durable
  • Exceeds all known Global Standards for safety and reliability
  • BMS Integration Ready
  • Silent Operation
  • Stay-clean vortex inducing Titanium heating elements
  • Touch screen set -and -forget display
  • Priority of heating with hook-up to control
  • Floor or wall mountable (bracket supplied)
  • Time clock operation
  • No servicing required
  • 100% operational efficiency throughout product life

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