• Heating Solutions


    Heating Solutions

    Heated water: what every bather's been asking for!

  • How an Above Ground Pool Works


    How an Above Ground Pool Works

    Above ground swimming pools vary slightly from model to model, but you will find that most manufacturers use the same general pool structure.

  • How do I filter?


    How do I filter?

    Filtering effectively is crucial! 80% of your clean water is due to your filter system, this is how important it is!

  • How to clean your green water?


    How to clean your green water?

    Despite taking great care to maintain your pool, you may still come across green water. Don't panic, this article will help you achieve clear water in no time!

  • How to make your spa cover look like new?


    How to make your spa cover look like new?

    A quarter of an hour is enough to take care of it and give it a new lease of life! Discover our tips for your Spa coverage.

  • How to prepare your pool for winter?


    How to prepare your pool for winter?

    The winterizing process is here to protect your pool water during winter.

  • Hydraulic cleaner


    Hydraulic cleaner

    This is a cleaning robot that uses the power from your pool's filter pump to work.

  • 2015ichlorhr

    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    iChlor Salt Water Chlorination

    Compact design, fitting most small technical rooms, iChlor is an alternative to chlorine treatment.

  • ico-pack

    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    ICO - Connected pool device

    Simplify your pool maintenance wathever your sanitation system

  • Infra-red cabins


    Infra-red cabins

    Infrared cabins let you relax in warmth whenever it suits you best.

  • 2015intellipool-perspectivehr

    Pool Filters & Pumps

    Intellipool Control System

    Remote Monitoring and Control system designed to get the most out of your IntelliFlo® variable speed pump.

  • color-bleu-ciel

    Pool Supplies

    LED Lights Color Logic II

    Standard or compact, LED lights that meet your needs!

  • psy-400-0002-contenu

    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Life Spa equipment and accessories

    A large range of products suitable for your spa that will make your spa experience even more nicer!

  • all-product-img-new

    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    Lo-Chlor pool cleaning range

    The Lo-Chlor range offers a number of useful and efficient products for pool and spa cleaning.

  • minikitthardness1

    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    Lovibond Test Kits & Photomoters

    Quick, simple tests for the analysis of pool water.

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