Salt Water Chlorination

Category : Water Treatment

Maker : Pentair

Ref. : PAC-450-0113

Salt water chlorination is a process that uses dissolved salt as a chlorination system that can used for both swimming pools and hot tubs.

Salt water pool chlorination is one of the most popular chlorine alternative offering many benefits such as:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Not harmful to sensitive skins and eyes
  • Most natural feeling water to swim in


Salt & Swim by HAYWARD

  • Sistema automatico per la sterilizzazione dell’acqua della piscina che anche con basse concentrazioni di sale (min 3 gr/l) estrae il cloro dal sale.
  • Cella elettrolitica sostituibile progettata per garantire una durata di circa 3000 ore.
  • La cella incorpora anche un sensore di flusso per interrompere il funzionamento quando la pompa di filtrazione è spenta.
    Può fare una iperclorazione shock manuale in caso di alta frequentazione della piscina in stagioni decisamente calde.
    Una pompa peristaltica per il dosaggio del PH (opzionale) completa la fornitura dell’apparecchio.

Aquarite-Flo Basic by HAYWARD

  • Salt chlorinator covering a wide range of chlorine
    production: 8, 16, 22 g/h/cl
  • Production configuration thanks to the LED display
  • Transparent cell for visual checks on production. Detection of
    presence of a pool cover for adjustment of chlorine production
  • Flow detector kit as an option
  • 9 levels possible of chlorine production

Aquarite-Flo Advanced by HAYWARD

  • Salt chlorinator combined with the control of pool
    equipments Wide range of Chlorine production,16, 22, 33 gr/h
    covering the needs of all pools on the market
  • Transparent cell to enable a visual check of the production
  • Monitoring of the filtration pump and the lighting
  • No need of an additional transformer for the lighting, the power is provided directly by the control unit for LED lights up to 50W
  • pH, ORP kits and flow sensor available as an option
  • Wifi and Ethernet optional connection kits availabe for a remote
    control of the pool equipments

Eco Salt 2 by Davey

  • Next generation high performance reverse polarity in-line cell with integrated safety flow switch
  • New switch mode power supply to accommodate low salt chlorine production
  • Low Salt and No Flow indicators
  • Low Salt cut off to protect the cell
  • Comprehensive user-friendly LCD interface
  • Boost Mode for additional chlorination during periods of heavy bather loads
  • Pool Cover Mode reduces chlorine output when pool cover is used to prevent over chlorination
  • Operating Salt Level - Standard Version 3000 – 6000ppm
    - LowSalt Version 1500 – 3000ppm
  • LCD screen for user friendly operation
  • UV stabilised enclosure for strength and durability

iChlor Salt Water Chlorination

  • Offers a compact design that fits most small technical rooms
  • Enables simple and protected controls
  • Is used for above ground and small inground pools up to 75 M³
  • Offers data storage to prevent consumer mis-information
  • Offers self-cleaning thanks to polarity switching 
  • Is suitable for high calcium areas
  • Provides 6.000 hour blade life
  • Controls flow switch
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Is upgradeable
  • Allows fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
  • Can be easily adjusted by pressing two buttons
  • Captures daily data, making it easy to maintain perfect water
  • Integrates sensors to ensure adequate water flow for safer chlorine generation
  • Offers a 2-year limited warranty

Progenius by Davey

Ideal for in-ground and above ground residential pools. The all-in-one salt water pool sanitizer and controller.

  • Compact high performance in-line electrolytic cell
  • Flow switch for detection of low flow and no flow
  • Connection for ORP & pH controllers
  • Cover mode connection
  • Inbuilt LED light transformer and switch for connection to pool lights
  • EziSet digital timer for easy control of filtration cycle
    Recommended operating Salt Level: 4500 - 6000ppm
  • Choice of models for residential pools up to 115m3
  • Warranty - 3 Years

Promatic by Davey

Economical, simple and compact answer to automatic pool sanitising.

  • Quick installation, simple displays for easy diagnostic - saves time and money for the professional
  • Simple and intuitive user control systems
  • Long life reverse polarity cell – minimizes cell cleaning
  • Automatic, simple and safe sanitization of your pool. Minimises chemical storage on site.
  • Choice of models for residential pools up to 250m3 – the right size is always available
  • Pool cover connectivity – Helps prevent over chlorination
  • Inbuilt protection against no flo, low temperature and low salt – peace of mind for the pool owner
  • External pH and ORP controls available
  • Warranty - 4 Years

Acti Salt

Swimming pool rooms specially designed for the electrolysis of water. Salt for swimming pools specially designed for the electrolysis of water. Does not contain chlorine stabilizers.

Instructions for Use:

  • Before pouring salt into the pool, carefully read the electrosterilizer manufacturer's instructions.
  • Do not pour salt into skimmers or areas with poor water circulation.
  • Make sure that the salt is completely dissolved before putting the electrosterilizer into operation.

AquaSwim Acti+ 4 in 1

The pool salt tablet for a multifunctional treatment, a patented 4 in 1 formula:

  1. A salt function: with a high-purity salt, your pool water is clear, healthy and without the smell of chlorine for a comfortable swim all season long.
  2. A stabilising function: your chlorinator is less stressed and its lifespan is extended. AquaSwim Acti+ tablets contain the right dose of stabilizer, protecting the chlorine from the effects of the sun up to 3 times longer than a conventional salt tablet.
  3. An anti-limestone function: The anti-limestone sequesters calcium ions to prevent them from forming deposits. AquaSwim sequesters up to 95% of the calcium present in the water that causes limescale to form. This makes pool maintenance and cleaning easier.
  4. An anti-corrosion function: by capturing ferrous ions, AquaSwim Acti+ limits corrosion phenomena and thus protects the metal parts of your pool. AquaSwim Acti + increases the protection of equipment against corrosion* by almost 50%.

AquaSwim pellets make it possible to gain in practicality and efficiency during electro-chlorination.

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