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iChlor Salt Water Chlorination

Category : Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

Maker : Pentair

Ref. : PAC-450-0113

Compact design, fitting most small technical rooms, iChlor is an alternative to chlorine treatment.

Salt water pool chlorination is one of the most popular chlorine alternative offering many benefits such as:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Not harmful to sensitive skins and eyes
  • Most natural feeling water to swim in

iChlor Salt Water Chlorination:

  • Offers a compact design that fits most small technical rooms
  • Enables simple and protected controls
  • Is used for above ground and small inground pools up to 75 M³
  • Removes cell
  • Offers data storage to prevent consumer mis-information
  • Offers self-cleaning thanks to polarity switching 
  • Is suitable for high calcium areas
  • Provides 6.000 hour blade life
  • Controls flow switch
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Is upgradeable
  • Allows fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output and water flow
  • Can be easily adjusted by pressing two buttons
  • Captures daily data, making it easy to maintain perfect water
  • Integrates sensors to ensure adequate water flow for safer chlorine generation
  • Offers a 2-year limited warranty

iClhor Top iClhor power center

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