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Published on 20 December 2023

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Meditation in the hydromassage spa offers many benefits. It is a holistic health practice that will allow you to convert stress into relaxing moments...

Meditation in the hydromassage spa offers many benefits. It is a holistic health practice that will allow you to convert stress into relaxing moments. In addition, the spa can also lower blood pressure, improve focus, detoxify your body and regulate your emotions, among many other benefits. This way, you can make the most of the many health benefits that come from your spa by incorporating meditation. 
Make the most of your time in the hot tub! Learn here more about the best water meditation techniques that can be practiced. 

Keep these 9 points in mind and get ready: 

  • Master the right breathing techniques 

Mindful breathing is one of the most important elements in spa meditation. Controlling the breath is crucial to unlocking all the benefits of meditation. Even when practicing yoga for surfers or sauna yoga, proper breathing is critical. 

When it comes to breathing, the most important thing is to do it slowly and deeply, which shows that you are attentive to exercise. Take a breath in which you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. 

Another good breathing practice is to let the chest rise and fall with each breath. This will make you more relaxed. 

Each time you breathe, think about the sensory experience you're having in your spa. Feel the warm water envelop your body. Enjoy the moment. After a few minutes, you'll notice how you can naturally become more relaxed. 

  • Get rid of distractions 

One of the simplest water meditation techniques is to get rid of anything that might distract you from a relaxing activity. For example, if it is important to you, turn off the jets from the spa. While the action of massage can have a calming effect on the body, it can also create a noise that can become a distraction. 
If you live with other people in the house, let them know that you are meditating so that there are no disturbances. 

  • Attention to Lighting 

It will be good to keep the lights down. Whether your spa is installed indoors or outdoors, very bright lights can be distracting. Adjust the lights of the outdoor environment in order to make the environment more relaxing and engaging.  

Another suggestion regarding lighting, if your spa is outside and does not have the sky obstructed, let the stars be your natural light. On a quiet night, their brightness will make that moment of hydromassage feel more relaxing and magical. 

If the spa is indoors, there are many ways to add lighting to make the environment more relaxing. You can, for example, install dimmable lights. You can also light some candles and place them on or around the spa steps.  

  • Add music 

Use the built-in sound system in your spa and enjoy the waterproof Bluetooth system to play relaxing music during meditation while in your hottub. It is very important to keep a low volume: if too high, it gives a more festive energy to the environment and will not make it so relaxing. 

The right choice of music is also a crucial consideration when it comes to water meditation techniques. For most people, the music associated with meditation often includes the sound of nature, such as water flowing in a river, the chirping of birds in the forest, and trees swaying as the leaves emit a soothing sound. 

Music is an important component of spa meditation because it provides a way to center your thoughts. This helps set the right mood. You will see that you will be more aware of yourself and the situation you are experiencing now. It is no coincidence that even music by itself is already considered a form of meditation. 

  • Experience the power of scents 

Smell is important to our psyche. It has therapeutic and healing benefits. It affects not only the mind, but also the body. The olfact has a big role in influencing the brain as it processes emotions. This will have an impact on the way we feel. 

Using your own scented products in your Spa is one of the best ways to use your sense of smell to relax. Throughout history, scents have been used in numerous spiritual practices, and it is not surprising that they are also essential in water meditation techniques. Some of the best aromas are based on the elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, WATER and FIRE. 

  • Be mindful of your body stance 

To make meditation in your spa more effective, it's also important that you consider your position. If you're alone, a spa for two is a good place to meditate, as you'll have generous space to move around. 

When it comes to your stance, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. A good position is to sit with your legs crossed, keeping the spine aligned. Tilt your head down a little. If you can't keep your legs crossed due to limited space, extend your legs and keep your back straight. 

  • Timing is crucial 

Time is crucial when it comes to meditation in your spa. For beginners, it is good practice to meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended that you do not stay in a spa for more than 30 minutes, so do not meditate more than that time inside the spa. 

The time you spend meditating will also depend on the average temperature regulated in your spa. If it's too hot, the temperature may be too much for your body to handle, so it should end early. In this way, for a more relaxing meditation experience, find the temperature that best suits your body and that is most comfortable for you. For most people, this is between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius. 

  • Download an app 

We're living in a digital age, so it's no surprise that there are tons of meditation apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Some of these applications can be useful when it comes to spa meditation, when they bring this content. 

Calm, for example, is a mobile app that provides guided meditations to help you calm down. It also offers soothing music and breathing exercises that you can practice during your time in a spa. 

On the other hand, Buddhify is a great application if you're looking for something more versatile. It has guided meditations that are categorized based on emotions, so you can choose which one is best suited for a specific situation. 

  • Do accompanied meditation! 

When we talk about meditation, many of us can instantly assume that it is a solitary practice. However, you can also do it with someone else. For example, with someone special to you. It is believed that meditation is also the new path to intimacy. This can help keep the flame alive. 

If you're planning a romantic evening at your spa, incorporating tantric meditation can help. Some water meditation techniques may include mindful touch. It can also be an effective way to channel sexual energies through the chakras. 

  • Last suggestions for meditating in your spa 

Meditation in the Spa is one of the best ways to relax. To make the most of the experience, consider the tips mentioned above. From music to lighting to aromatherapy, many things can have an impact on meditation. Prepare everything, create the ideal environment, get yourself in the moment and master the right breathing techniques, if you have understood and have all the points prepared, you are ready! 

There should be a time outside of your schedule where you can't be reached. That means no phone calls, appointments, or meetings.  

To have inner peace, you need to focus on the present. For you to focus on the present, you need to eliminate all kinds of distractions. 

Try mantra meditation. The main reason why mantra meditation is recommended, is because it reduces to a minimum any form of distraction. Mantra meditation is the repetition of a melody or song continuously. This way it prevents the mind from starting to wander into thoughts, so it is the ideal solution if you tend to deconcentrate. 

If one type of meditation isn't working for you, try another. Use Google, especially internet videos, to research the different types of meditation that are best suited for you (and do that research to relax in your spa). 

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