Polystyrene formwork block SOLIDBRIC

Published on 23 January 2024

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Solidbric blocks are high-density expanded polystyrene blocks that are used to build swimming pools...

Solidbric blocks are high-density expanded polystyrene blocks that are used to build swimming pools. They are manufactured in dimensions of 125 x 25 x 30 cm or 126.5 x 25 x 31.5 cm up to 25kg density or 100 x25 x 30 cm between 25 and 45kg density and are easily manoeuvrable and perforated to receive around 127 litres of concrete per square metre, forming a wall with 15cm of reinforced concrete and 10cm of insulation.  

Assembly is based on fitting these parts together to ensure stable formwork.

Building swimming pools with Knauf Solidbric blocks has several advantages. Firstly, the lightness of the material and the ease with which Solidbric blocks can be assembled make it easy to build the pool walls. In addition, assembling the elements requires little labour. Easy manoeuvrability and cutting give the blocks unrivalled flexibility of implementation. After laying the iron reinforcement, the concrete is poured directly or manually on top. This makes assembly quick and economical.  

Another advantage is its strength and stability. The locking system of polystyrene blocks with double rows of 10mm iron in the fittings guarantees perfectly stable formwork. In addition, the double thermal insulation system helps maintain the pool's water temperature, providing a measured heat gain of between 2 and 4°C compared to a traditional concrete or cement block pool. 

The Solidbric block pool construction system is based on 100 per cent recyclable products, making it an environmentally friendly system. In addition, there is less rubbish in the surrounding area, making it more hygienic. 

In short, pools made with Solidbric blocks are an interesting option for those who want to build a pool quickly, economically and ecologically. In addition, the strength and stability of the construction system guarantee a durable and safe pool. 
SCP UK has been working with this material for some years now, not only in the construction of traditional pools, but also in more personalised projects: balneotherapy, automatic cover, swimming against current, linear or ceramic frieze.

In addition, due to its ease of use and lightness compared to traditional cement blocks, it is suitable for self-building. Solidbric's distinguishing features are undoubtedly its easy assembly; joints over 90% of the block's length, which prevents leaks; easy installation of the sealing pieces (cut with a saw and glued with PU foam); use of the same block for the stairs or even use the smallest module, which can be cut every 25 cm to prevent falls on site or for the support pillars on the terrace. 

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