Renovate Your Pool Now to Save Money Later

Published on 05 February 2020

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Thinking about starting a renovation project that will give new life to your pool? Learn all the reasons why updating your pool is a good idea and an economically smart choice in the long run.

Discover 13 Renovations Tips to Bring Your Pool Back to Life

Adapt the aesthetics to today's tastes and opt for modern colours and materials to enhance your home. Enjoy your backyard by adding new features to your pool; heating, treatment, and more!

1. Replace The Coating

Changing the pool liner for a reinforced membrane that offers strength, style, comfort and ease of maintenance. This product is a sure way to rejuvenate your pool! You can opt for new trendy colours,  integrate a frame, or opt for a different type of liner.

We recommend the Proflex range, manufactured by Haogenplast. Proflex offers a peace of mind with its 10-year guarantee. It also boasts certifications of the strictest international quality and environmental standards. Much thicker than a conventional liner, the Proflex reinforced membrane retains its colour and withstands the test of time.

2. Add A Staircase

Add An Interior Staircase for better access and comfort. From benches, to full width, to corner steps, add your preferred access to make your pool an ideal relaxation space.

  • Tip: You can add balneo jets and enjoy your pool in a whole new way!

3. Change The Sealing Parts

Replace sealing parts for a new look, with new materials (stainless steel) and new shapes. Just as you can choose between grey, sand, light blue, or anthracite liner, you can opt for a matching skimmer, spotlight, and brush socket! Modern pool decking materials also allow you to give your pool a completely new look.

We recommend the SuperPool range including skimmer, projector, cross-country drain and elbow/brush outlet. Revolutionary in its look, you can choose the shape of the LED lights (round or square) at no extra cost!

4. Choose A Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pumps offer more silence, savings and better water quality. Did you know that the pool pump is usually the most energy-consuming item in your home? The average pool pump uses the same amount of energy as 7 refrigerators (Source Pentair).

A variable speed pump adapts its operating speed in accordance with the pool use and equipment. Pumps are pre-programmed to ensure seamless setup! For example, when the pool is closed, filtration does not need to run as often. On the other hand, the filtration system will be running at full speed during a pool party!

This initial investment pays for itself within a few years. In addition, it saves on treatment products and reduces noise, as the motor runs slower.

We recommend Hayward, Pentair, or Davey's revolutionary Silensor variable speed pump.

5. Automate Your Swimming Pool

Control your pool with a home automation system by controlling the lighting, filtration, heating. Save time and enjoy the joys of knowing that your pool is automatically filtered, heated and maintained. This time-saver allows you to devote your free time to swimming and the pleasures of the backyard living.

We recommend the PoolCop automated valve. This solution is easily installed in place of your sand filter side valve. You will save water, energy and chemicals! 

You can also control the lighting, automatic pool cleaners, and water temperature to meet your exact needs. It’s also compatible with most sand filters on the market.

6. Change Your Filter and Filter Media

Switching the filter and media for water savings and better treatment. It is totally compatible with a liner coating and with any type of sand filter.

We recommend SandGlass. This 100% exclusive filter glass improves the clarity of the water and reduces filter calcium deposits. With a quality filtration system, enjoy savings on water consumption and chemical consumption. Excellent filtration is a sure way to save money in the long run.

7. Automate Water Treatment

Integrate Automatic Water Treatment to make life easier. A chlorinator is a device that will modify the salt in the water by electrolysis to transform it into chlorine. That means the chlorine is transformed back into salt in your pool! It is a continuous and automatic process that ensures the right level of disinfectant in your pool.

Therefore, you can rest assured that water pH and disinfectant levels are managed with precision.

We recommend you an electrolyser from the manufacturer Davey, forerunner of the process and world leader in its field. This device can be adapted to your budget and your type of water, whether hard or soft. Explore the wide range of Avady products.

8. Change Your Cleaner

Update your pool cleaner for an electric model and enjoy programmable cleans, better cleaning quality, peace of mind. The electric cleaners have undergone many updates in terms of functionality, programming, and efficiency.

We recommend the 2 giants of pool cleaners: Maytronics or Zodiac. Maytronics is the manufacturer of the famous Dolphin cleaner. This sleek product combines a revisited look with the robust Maytronics technology, namely with its Zenit and Z Series ranges. At Zodiac, we can suggest the electric cleaners with cyclonic suction, the Vortex 1, the RX4450 or the RV4550 with remote control!

9. Update Lighting with LED Optics

Opt for LED to reduce energy costs by replacing traditional 300W bulbs with 36W. There is a wide selection of LEDs on the market, opening the possibility of adorning your pool with a multitude of colours!

  • Tip: Complement LED lighting by adding water features, such as fountains, to improve the overall aesthetic of your pool

10. Install A Heat Pump

Opt for a heat pump to extend the swim season. A heat pump is the most economical way to heat your pool since its COP reaches up to 4.8 kW. 

  • What is COP? The coefficient of performance (sometimes CP or CoP) is a ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work required. Higher COPs equate to lower operating costs. In short, you pay the equivalent of 1 kW but you will receive 4.8 W to heat the pool water!
We recommend the Garden PAC & PoolStyle ranges for their efficiency and excellent value for money.

Bonus Renovation Tips

Install An Automatic Cover for increased security, all while providing aesthetics and discretion. An automatic pool cover is a safety feature that reduces water evaporation. Less water evaporation means savings on water consumption, heating, and water care products! Aesthetically speaking, it brings a bonus to your pool even when not in use.

Choose a Practical And User-friendly Solar Shower! Easy to integrate into your renovation: the solar shower will provide the family with water heated with free solar energy! Most showers also have a possible connection with the garden hose; practical!

Add A Hot Tub or Spa To Complete Your Swimming Pool. Extend the bathing season and enjoy the outdoor environment all year round. This addition to your pool allows swimming and massage sequences with relaxing, warm water! Once your pool is winterized, keep your spa running and admire the beauty of winter and spring from your spa!

We recommend the following spa brands: Beachcomber, Garden Leisure, Cove Spas! Discover all wellness products.

Spending a little more up front during renovation can provide heaps of savings in the future. Contact us to locate a pool specialist or pool installer near you and learn more about these swimming pool products and services. Give your backyard the upgrade it deserves!

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