Proflex Swimming Pool Liners

Proflex by Haogenplast: a high-quality, durable 100% watertight vynil reinforced swimming pool liner

Proflex Swimming Pool Liners

by Haogenplast is a high-quality, durable 100% watertight vynil reinforced swimming pool liner that delivered long term performance, with professional installation and excellent aesthetic properties.


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Flexibility Proflex

Designed with in-built versatility, Proflex swimming pool liner is the optimal solution when constructing new pools or renovating existing pools. The liner can be installed over almost any type of surface, and easily adapts to all pool shapes and configurations.

Durability Proflex

The exceptionnal physical and chemical properties of Proflex liners deliver a number of outstanding features, including high resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. This ensure that Proflex liners require only standard ongoing maintenance, which results in significant cost savings in the long term. This advantage makes Proflex the preferred solution for refurbishment of old pools.

Aesthetic Harmony Proflex

The advanced manufacturing and design of Proflex pool liners results in a high quality combination of functionality and aesthetics, for an effective pool lining solution that blends harmoniously with the surroundings. In addition, Proflex delivers enhanced protection against mechanical abrasion and wear, and superior performance in watertight sealing, for improved longevity and durability.

Quality Proflex

Developped and produced according to the specifications of standard (NF 5 54-803-2, EN 15836-2-2011), Proflex meets strict standards of quality in a product that is easy to install in swimming pools of any shape, size or type.

10 Reasons to Choose Proflex Pool Liners

  1. Excellent Resistance to Microbial Growth
  2. U.V Stability & Color-Fastness
  3. Hot-Air Welding Strength
  4. Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  5. Resistance to Super-Chlorination
  6. Superior Lacquered Liners
  7. Superior Quality Assurance Processes
  8. ElvaFlex - Premium solutions: Extreme Lifespan & Durability to Chemicals
  9. StoneFlex Range – premium design, unique lacquering properties
  10. New & improved designs - Next Generation (3D, enhanced acrylic coating, pearl & metallic)

StoneFlex Range: a premium range

Unique Stone-like design formulated with specialized enhanced surface coating, demonstrating: superior stain resistance & clean-ability properties for our deep 3D design, exceptional UV resistance & waterproofing properties, as well as dry non-slip grip.

A 2018 Next Generation pool liner design

Introducing the Next Generation of our Printed and lacquered range featuring:
Enhanced lacquer-coating properties increasing UV resistance as well as print/ color light fastness, 3D dry non plastic feel as well as deep, upgraded, profound & fresh designs.

Elvaflex - Pools Range

Phthalate free formulation designed for extreme resistance to enhanced U.V. conditions as well as unique chemical contact durability. ElvaFlex is the ultimate solution for complex water seal projects & public pools With proper care and maintenance, ElvaFlex will last practically the lifetime of the pool.

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