Pool Winterizing: The 10 Questions You're Asking

Published on 23 September 2019

Category : Maintenance

Winterizing your pool (preparing your pool for winter): a process that may appear complex and raises many questions! Here, we answer all of the questions you may have!

1. What is the point of a pool winterising?

The pool winterising is a crucial task in order to protect your pool during the winter season. Proper winterising prevents limescale deposits, the development of corrosion / rust, the development of bacteria, or damage to walls and pipes due to frost.

2. What is the ideal pool winterising temperature?

Winterising is done when the swimming season is over and the temperature of your pool has dropped to 12°C. It is from this temperature that micro-organisms no longer develop in the pool.

3. What is passive winterising?

Passive winterising corresponds to the stopping of filtration, the pipes are drained and the pool is covered with a tarp after a partial emptying of the pool. Passive winterising is recommended if your water is likely to freeze during the winter (outdoor temperature below 5°C).

4. What is active winterising?

Active winterising corresponds to idling your pool, the filtration runs at idle every day, for a minimum of 2 hours. The pool should be monitored when temperatures are around 0°C. Active winterising is recommended if your water is not likely to freeze during the winter (outdoor temperature above 5°C throughout the winter).

5. Is it necessary to carry out a shock treatment before winterising?

Yes, it is necessary to carry out a shock treatment in order to eliminate all impurities present in the water.

6. What is the ideal pH to facilitate winter storage?

The ideal pH to facilitate winter storage is between 6.5 and 7.2.

7. What is the purpose of a winterising product?

The winterising product prevents the growth of algae and bacteria in your pool during the winter. It also prevents limescale deposits on the walls. The latter is started before the winterising, filtration on for 1 hour. The winterising product has a long-lasting effect and stabilizes the water throughout the winter. It therefore makes it much easier to restart the pool in the spring.

8. What is a winterising float?

The pool winterising float is a rectangular plastic accessory. The winterising floats are laid diagonally on the surface of the water and are attached to each other by hooks and are slightly submerged for greater efficiency. The floats therefore form a line of buoys in the diagonal and prevent frost damage.

9. What is a gizzmo?

The pool gizzmo is an accessory that takes the form of a plastic tube that is placed in the skimmer to protect it from freezing during the winter.

10. What is a winter storage cap?

It is a conical shaped cap with a butterfly screw on top. The winterising plugs are positioned in the brush sockets and discharge nozzles to plug the pipes.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact a pool professional.

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