Published on 28 September 2022

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Associated with relaxation and health, the sauna are increasingly taking over our outdoor and indoor spaces to provide still more well-being.  

« Sauna" means bath in Finnish and appeared for the first time in Finland more than 2,000 years ago. Originally, the practice of sauna is a social and family tradition that has been present for many years in the Nordic countries. Offering a relaxing, purifying and muscular action, the benefits of the sauna are numerous: strengthening of the immune system, stimulation of blood circulation and digestion, muscular relaxation, toning of the skin... 

Dry heat is released within the wooden cabin equipped with benches. The sauna can be heated in two ways: the so-called traditional saunas are heated by a stove on which lava stones are placed and sprinkled with water. Combi saunas or "Bio" saunas (in Finland) include an infrared heater with a temperature of around 60°C. The softer heat allows you to modulate the desired benefits at will thanks to radiating panels.  

Depending on your sensitivity, age and health, you can adjust the temperature of the sauna, which is usually between 70°C and 100°C, as well as the humidity of the air. The choice of a sauna is to be made according to your feeling and preferences. 
Sentiotec is the leader in the sauna and spa market and has received numerous innovation awards between 2013 and 2019. This Austrian brand offers an innovative range of high quality saunas to meet your installation projects, whether for private or public use: 

Depending on your wishes and budget, you can choose between different types of saunas: 

  • Infrared sauna. The infrared sauna is a dry heat bath that uses infrared radiation. Equipped with full-spectrum radiant panels, their radiation warms the body directly through the epidermis, stimulating blood circulation. The maximum temperature is 60°C. Its technology allows it to improve digestion, metabolism, pain and reduces tension. 
    Among the models proposed, Omni mini infrared sauna is a compact infrared cabin that guarantees pure relaxation for body and mind. Enjoy the soothing heat provided by full spectrum infrared radiator and heating panels. 
  • Traditionnal sauna. The classic indoor sauna heats the air. This sauna is heated to between 70 and 100°C, with dry heat generated by a conventional stove. The perspiration induced by the sauna and the alternation of hot and cold from the outside will stimulate the circulation and provide a relaxation that will make the body more resistant to infections. 
  • If you want to experience the atmosphere of a sauna in your garden, you can also opt for an outdoor sauna. Placed in your green space, this sauna offers an optimal relaxation experience thanks to the barrel principle that offers a nice view and natural light. There are three different models in the barrel sauna range: the Pinnacle, the Audra and the Weston Barrel. Compared to a square-shaped sauna, where the heat is trapped in the ceiling, the design of the circular-shaped sauna allows for better heat distribution and energy saving: as the heat rises from the heater to spread out inside the sauna, it is pushed down the curves, this design also allows the heat to spread more quickly and efficiently in this optimised circular space. 
  • Tailor-made sauna allows you to customize 100% all the parameters of the sauna, whether it is the size, the type of wood used, the type of glass, the finish, the shape, the configuration, the heater.  

For an optimal wellness experience in your sauna area, the range also includes heaters and accessories : sauna heaters, mini sauna heaters, control units - for a complete solution. 
You can find all these products in our catalogue 2022. 
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