No more chlorine odour or irritation : The keys to ideal pool water! 

Published on 26 June 2023

Category : Maintenance

When you swim in a pool, you can sometimes experience chlorine odours and skin and eye irritations...

When you swim in a pool, you can sometimes experience chlorine odours and skin and eye irritations. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to improve water quality and make your swim much more enjoyable. In this article, we present you with advice and solutions to avoid these inconveniences. 
1. Improve water circulation : 
Good water circulation in the pool is essential for maintaining good water quality. Make sure your filtration system is working properly and that the water is well circulated. This will limit chlorine odours and irritation to the skin and eyes. Clean the pre-filters and filters regularly, and check that the discharge nozzles are correctly positioned for optimum results. 
2. Maintain optimum water balance: 
One of the key factors in avoiding chlorine odour in the pool is to maintain the water balance. This means regularly monitoring the pH, alkalinity and free chlorine levels in the water. Well-balanced pH and alkalinity levels contribute to effective disinfection while minimising chlorine odour. Use dedicated water test kits to measure these parameters and correct any imbalance in the water if necessary by adding the appropriate products. 
3. Alternative disinfection 
If chlorine odour is a recurring problem, you could consider using alternative disinfection products such as salt electrolysis. These devices reduce the amount of chlorine needed to disinfect the water, and allow you to enjoy a pleasant swim by limiting irritation and residual chlorine odours.  
4. Shower before swimming: 
A simple but effective practice is to take a quick shower, making sure you soap up well before enjoying your pool. Washing beforehand removes a good deal of organic matter (sweat, make-up, creams, dead skin, etc.) which, when in contact with disinfection products (e.g. chlorine), leads to the formation of substances such as chloramines or trichloramines.  By eliminating these substances, you will greatly reduce respiratory difficulties, allergies, conjunctivitis, etc. 
5. Use the right care products: 
Finally, it's important to use suitable skin care products after swimming to soothe and moisturise the skin. Opt for unscented, alcohol-free lotions or moisturisers to avoid aggravating irritation.  
By following these tips, you can limit the smell of chlorine and reduce skin and eye irritation. Maintaining the right balance, using alternative disinfection, improving water circulation, showering beforehand and using appropriate care products are all measures that will enable you to enjoy your pool to the full while preserving your comfort and well-being. 

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