Case Study: What is Zeolite

An innovative and intelligent filter media.

Use it to replace sand in any sand filter.
Made from naturally occurring volcanic rock, zeolite’s structure on a microscopic scale looks like a honeycomb.
As a result, its filtering surface is several times greater than that of a grain of sand.

The advantages are:
  • Better equivalent diatom filtration,
  • Less chlorine required, as there is no longer any need to over dose,
  • Maintains a stable pH thanks to zeolite’s buffer effect,
  • A decreased loss of charge, enabling you to run a less powerful pump and providing energy savings compared to a traditional sand filter.
  • Half as much filter cleaning as with a sand filter
  • You only need 75% of the weight of the sand you’d normally use for the filter.

A guideline to how much Zeofine to use according to your filter system:

Filter flow Number of bags
9 m3/h 1.5 to 2 bags
11 m3/h 2 bags
14 m3/h 3 bags
22 m3/h 6 bags
The quantities given are to be used as a guideline only. They should be adjusted according to the diameter of your filter, which may vary for different brands.
Sold in 25kg bags
Replace 1kg of sand with 750g of Zeofine
Keep the same volume of gravel
Used zeolite can be used as plant fertilizer!

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