The Benefits of the Sauna

Published on 08 October 2019

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What are the differences between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna?

Let’s Start With the Basics

The practice of using the sauna has existed for more than 2000 years and comes from Scandinavian countries. Since prehistoric times, the benefits of saunas have been used in the colder regions of the northern hemisphere. The sauna provides many virtues for our body.

  • The sauna is very often associated with well-being and health. Indeed, the sauna soothes tensions and helps to reduce stress. Thanks to the sweating caused by the sauna, the body eliminates toxins. Your body is then cleansed and purified. The sauna allows your skin to regain radiance and elasticity. After a few sessions, you may even notice a general decrease in fatigue.
  • The sauna is also a complement to sport. After a workout, a visit to your sauna helps you to recover your muscles and soothes, relaxes your muscles. You will then notice a reduction in cramping and muscle fatigue.
  • Finally, the sauna will have an impact on your immune system. The heat dilates the blood vessels, which promotes blood circulation (a little trick: taking a cold shower after a sauna session intensifies this virtue on your body). The sauna strengthens the immune system, and the deliberate heat clears the airways.

What are the differences between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna?

Infrared sauna

  • In the infrared sauna, there is no stove but infrared panels
  • The temperature is lower
  • The air is not heated in the infrared sauna, but it is the people in the cabin who are heated.
  • The infrared sauna sweats faster due to the heat which is drier

Traditional sauna

  • The entire cabin is heated
  • The traditional sauna is heated with a stove
  • The temperature is between 80° and 100° C. It is higher than an infrared sauna (about +20° - 40° C)

There you have it! You’ve grasped the origins and basics of Sauna knowledge. 

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