The Location of Your Pool: An Essential Choice

Published on 22 October 2019

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Before starting construction, it is essential to think about the installation of your pool with the help of a pool professional because it is difficult to undo such a choice. The planning stage before the project makes it possible to understand the location, terrain, exposure to wind and sun, and many other important factors.

The soil and the ground

The study of the soil is fundamental because some soils require specific foundations. Additionally, some soils and earthworks are more expensive than others, so they must be adequately budgeted for. Be sure to find yourself with a professional who has the experience and perspective to guide you. Don’t forget, it’s also important to check the future construction site for any existing underground networks that could prevent the project from being carried out.

Tip: If your property is sloping, position your pool below so that it fits into the landscape. It will enhance your garden.

The orientation of your pool

To position your pool, you must consider exposure to sun and wind.

A swimming pool facing due south will have maximum sunshine in summer. This sunshine will allow you to enjoy swimming for longer because the water will be heated naturally. You should therefore carefully study the sunlight in your garden at each hour of the day.

Also, be sure to consider the prevailing winds; these strong winds can pollute and cool the water. It is advisable to provide a shelter for your pool in case it is not sheltered from the wind.

Finally, it is crucial to locate your pool at a distance from trees in order to avoid unwanted shade, debris, but also to avoid tree roots, which can cause significant damage to the pipes or structure.

Near the house?

As a general rule, the pool can be positioned either at the edge of the property or at a minimum distance of 3 metres from the edge. Information in terms of legal distances should be checked with your town hall, which has a local urban planning plan.

If the land is small, the pool is often located near the terrace with the living room overlooking the terrace and the pool. The rendering can be very successful even if it means keeping the surroundings tidy and prohibiting swimming during rest periods. On the other hand, it will make it easier to monitor children.

Remember, the further away the pool is from the neighbourhood, the more you can enjoy your pool. It should not be forgotten that a swimming pool is a potential source of noise pollution.

Harmony in your garden

Make sure that there is easy and convenient traffic between the house, garden and pool. Don't neglect the aesthetic aspect of your space because a successful pool is as much a pleasure for the eyes as it is for the body. Ask a pool specialist for advice, which will also include access to the site and the location of the machine room. Avoid vegetation near the pond (leaves and other organic debris may accumulate on the cover or in the pool). 

Site access

Provide access for construction machinery and for land evacuation.

Before digging, check the installation of existing underground networks (electricity, gas, sewer, etc.)

Questions? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with your closest pool specialist.

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