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Take pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level! Pool water that sparkles like diamonds in a way you’ve never seen, thanks to Electro Engineering Water Treatment.


Quantum harnesses a revolutionary leap in technology.

Photocatalytic Oxidation and combined Hydroxyl Radical technology is the most powerful sterilising oxidiser available, proven and advocated in waste and drinking water purification industries.

Quantum Technology

Within the Quantum is a ceramic catalyst assembly, which is lined with a concentrated coating of anatase, molybdenum and platinum nano crystals. UV light within the chamber triggers a reaction as water passes through, simultaneously creating Hydroxyl Radicals, and breaking down (oxidising) all harmful pollutants and organic matter within the chamber – only pure water and CO₂ are emitted back into the pool. The optional intelligent dosing pump periodically injects Active Oxygen or Chlorine, adjusting to suit pool volume and season.

Quantum’s advanced cleaning technology replicates nature’s own technique for sterilising ourplanet, making it habitable. A photocatalytic oxidiser, known by scientists as “Nature’s SilverBullet,” neutralises what chlorine cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses never seen before. Chlorine, ozone and UV are ineffective against NaegleriaFowleri and Adenovirus, whereas photocatalytic oxidisation has proved that nothing escapes it. Built for ease of use – simply set and relax!

  • Completely destroys all bacteria, microorganisms and harmful pollutants
  • Only technology with the ability to break down organic matter such as sun tan oil, urea and pathogenic bio-film
  • Drastically reduces chemical consumption
  • Visually clear and healthy pool water, with exceptional clarity and brilliance
  • Fully autonomous automatic system
  • UV lamp lifespan is longer than conventional UV products (14,000 hours) and comes complete with lamp life indicator
  • No impact on pH levels and compatible with all other treatments including salt electrolysis and sea water
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High Reflection UVC

Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials.

HR-UVC offers up to 95% reflectivity dramatically increasing the performance when compared to stainless steel reactors where only 20 to 28% reflection is typically achieved.

The H.R.UV-C is 100% sea and saltwater compatible, unlike stainless steel units that vunerable to corrosion.

The internal walls are extremely repellent and therefore self-cleaning. Intelligent control panel indicates when the lamp performance is reduced at the end of its life and when need to be changed. Ensuring your unit is always performing optimally.

The sanisting efficiency of UV-C is mainly influenced by two factors:

  • The level of radiation (253.7nm)
  • The exposure time

The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramitcally increases the performance.

  • Ultimate reflection - up to 95% is achieved drastically improving
  • the efficiency.
  • Compatible with and comp liments all traditional treatment methods including; Chlorine, Bromine, Active Oxygen / Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt electrolysis
  • Narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C
  • Easy to use and install, can be retro-fitted to any existing pool system.
  • A self-cleaning system, reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Intelligent lamp life indicator - signals when the lamps are no longer producing suffiicient UV-C and need to be changed ensuring your unit is always performing optimally
  • Supplied with T-Piece and flowswitch
  • Warrenty 3 Years

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