Taking Care of Your Spa in the Summer

Published on 29 July 2019

Category : Maintenance

This summer you want to enjoy your Spa? Discover the 5 steps to keep your spa at its best!

First thing’s first: To make life easier, take a look at the Life Spa & Hot Tub Maintenance Kit from Pool Style. This kit contains everything you need, from underwater vacuums to a Goo Getter scum absorbing disc. This spa cleaning kit and maintenance accessory pack is the ultimate addition to any spa. 

5 Steps to Care for Your Spa

With your spa cleaning and maintenance materials at the ready, let’s get started!

1. The Pre-Filter 

Sold in boxes of 12 for a small fee, this is a disposable pre-filter that will effectively stop insects, plant debris and other summer intruders before reaching filtration. The pump of a spa has no pre-filtration and everything that can be filtered before arriving in the cartridge filter is as much to save on the maintenance of the latter!

2. The pH

As with swimming pools, water is sensitive to sudden temperature changes, storms, etc. Checking your pH level gives you the assurance that your disinfectant, whatever it may be, will be as effective as possible, the well-being of bathers will be preserved, as will your equipment. Comply with the dosages indicated on your product and remember that a pH is adjusted in steps. If it is very far from normal, also check the TAC (alkalinity). These 2 rates can be adjusted using products such as Acti Spa pH Minus (to lower the pH), Acti Spa pH Plus (to raise the pH) or Acti Spa Alcafix for the TAC.

3. Cleaning the cartridge (filter)

A seaweed outbreak? A high number of bathers in your spa? Clean the cartridge well, and above all, clean it well, more regularly than in winter. 80% of water treatment problems are actually due to a lack of filtration! Remove the pollution from your cartridge by rinsing it thoroughly with a water jet, cleaning it every 2 weeks with a suitable product. We recommend that you have a second cartridge that will allow you to swap them and clean them thoroughly more easily.

In addition, to extend the life of your cartridge, remember to dry it first, before reusing it, the fabric it is made of will wear less over time.

4. The water level of your spa

The spa is often used by younger people to cool down and play as in an above ground pool. Remember to check the water level once the day is over as the splashes may have significantly lowered it. A spa should have its level just above the last massage jet.

5. The temperature of the spa

Most spas are equipped with a safety device that stops filtration if the set temperature (= desired) is too low compared to the actual temperature of your spa. If you want to lower the temperature without stopping the filtration, you can either add cold water or leave your spa open to let the water cool gradually.

Now that you’re an expert on spa maintenance, your spa will be sparking clean to enjoy all year long! If ever you have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll do our best to answer your questions or if necessary, refer you to a nearby experts for intervention. Contact Us today!

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