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Griffon develops and offers easy, fast and reliable solutions for the assembly, bonding, sealing and long-term protection of many materials and surfaces.


PVC Glue WDF-05 - Griffon

Extremely fast, blue, thixotropic PVC cement for joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit and loose fit (gap filling) in pressure and drainage systems. Extremely suitable for flexible hoses and applications under wet conditions, such as swimming pools and whirlpools. Suitable for diameters ≤ 160 mm.

  • Max. 16 bar (PN 16). Maximal tolerances: 0.8 mm diametrical clearance / 0.2 mm press fit.
  • Flexible hoses: 0.3 mm diametrical clearance. Suitable for e.g. pipe systems conforming to EN1329, 1452, 1453, 1455 and
    ISO15493 (PVC)

Cleaner - Griffon

CLEANER For cleaning and degreasing piping, sockets and fittings made of (rigid) PVC, PVC-C and ABS prior to welding. Also suitable for removing uncured adhesive residue and for cleaning brushes and tools. Use in combination with the Griffon Cleaner Cloth.


  • Universal
  • Very strong cleaning properties

Chamferin Tool - Griffon

For chamfering synthetic piping in PVC, PVC-C, ABS, PP
and PE. Suitable for diameters 16 ≤ 63 mm.


Kolmat® Fibre Seal - Griffon

Impregnated, fibre-reinforced sealing tape for sealing conical and cylindrical metal and plastic threaded connections. Suitable e.g. for (drinking) water, gas,  LPG (gas), (compressed) air and diluted acids and bases.

  • Applicable for e.g. copper, brass, (galvanised) steel, stainless steel, chrome, zinc, PVC, CPVC and ABS.
  • Gas: up to 5 bar pressure at -20°C - +70°C.
  • Water: up to 16 bar pressure at +95 °C, up to 7 bar pressure at +1300C

Epoxy Repair Stick - Griffon

Dual-component epoxy putty for permanent repairs and restoration of nearly all materials.Suitable for repairing & sealing leaks, holes and cracks in, e.g., piping, radiators, boilers, drains, air ducts, gutters and storage tanks.


Aqua Max® White & Grey - Griffon

The leading pool universal solvant free under water pool adhesive For the bonding, assembly and sealing of almost all materials on almost all surfaces. Extremely suitable for swimming pool construction.


Lubrit-All® - Griffon

Multifunctional maintenance agent for lubricating, protecting, cleaning and loosening in 1001 applications.


Poly Max High Tack - Griffon

Solvent-free assembly adhesive based on SMP-Polymer with very high initial bond strength and very fast strength gain. Excellent for heavy materials for bonding and fixing many construction materials on practically all surfaces.

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