The advantages of winter storage

Published on 26 June 2023

Category : Maintenance

Why is it advisable to winterise your pool before the winter?

Why is it advisable to winterise your pool before the winter?  
Winterising means preparing your pool for the cold season to minimise the risk of damage and make it easier to start up again in the spring.  
1. When should you start winter maintenance?   
Pools are generally winterised when the water temperature drops and you do not intend to use it for an extended period of time, usually during the cold season. The exact time may vary depending on your geographical location and local climatic conditions. In regions where winter temperatures are very low, it is advisable to start winterising when the water temperature reaches 12°C. This is when algae and bacteria develop the most.   
2. Why hibernate?   
Active hibernation: More common for in-ground pools, this method involves keeping the filtration system running and continuing to treat the water throughout the winter. Pool owners using this method need to take extra precautions to protect pipes and equipment from freezing. This may include the use of frost protection devices and draining water pipes where necessary. By actively winterising, the pool will be ready for use more quickly when temperatures rise again.    

Advantages  :

  • Protect equipment from freezing: use antifreeze   
  • Continuous control of water quality: reduced growth of algae and bacteria   
  • Quick reactivation in spring: equipment already operational and water cleaner   

Disadvantages  :

  • Additional costs: use of chemicals throughout the winter period   
  • Frequent maintenance: regular adjustment of chemical levels   

Active hibernation allows your pool to face the winter with less danger and damage.   

  • Prevent frost damage  
  • Protect your equipment  
  • Prevent the growth of algae and bacteria     

By taking the right steps to protect your pool over the winter, you'll extend its life and reduce the risk of costly damage. 

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