The Starter Pack against green pool water: Get crystal clear water again! 

Published on 05 June 2023

Category : Maintenance

Green water in a pool is a common problem that many pool owners face...

Green water in a pool is a common problem that many pool owners face. It can be caused by various factors such as chemical imbalances, inefficient filtration or inadequate maintenance. Fortunately, there is a basic starter pack to help you solve this problem and get crystal clear water in your pool.  
1. Water quality tester: 
The first step to solving the green water problem is to determine the chemical imbalances. A water quality tester is an indispensable tool for measuring pH, chlorine, alkalinity and other important parameters. Based on the test results, you will know what chemical adjustments are needed to restore the balance of your pool water. 
2. Chlorine shock treatment : 
Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used to kill algae and bacteria in pool water. To eliminate green water, a chlorine shock treatment is often necessary. Be sure to mix the chlorine into the water and allow the filtration system to run for several hours to allow for proper circulation. 
3. Algaecide : 
An algaecide is a chemical specifically designed to kill algae in pool water. Choose an appropriate algaecide based on the type of algae present in your pool (green algae, black algae, etc.). Follow the instructions for use carefully for best results. The algaecide will help kill existing algae and prevent their reoccurrence. 
4. Effective filtration : 
Make sure your filtration system is working properly and clean filters as necessary. Effective filtration is essential to remove debris and suspended particles from the water, which contribute to green water. Also check that the water flow is sufficient to ensure good circulation. 
5. Brushing and cleaning: 
In addition to chemical treatments, it is important to brush the walls and bottom of your pool to remove encrusted algae. Use a brush that is suitable for your type of pool liner and make sure that you regularly clean the skimmers and pre-filtration baskets to avoid blockages. 
You now have all the keys to making your pool crystal clear and finally enjoying it with the seasonal heat approaching! 

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