• progeniuscontrollercellopenlidmock

    Pro Genius - Controller & Salt Water Chlorination

  • Proflex Pool Coating


    Proflex Pool Coating

    Discover the proflex liner: the top of the range pool liner, built to last!

  • proflex-3d-stoneflex-bazelet

    Proflex Swimming Pool Liners

  • filtre-a-diatomees-hayward

    Progrid Hayward filter

  • promatic-boitier

    ProMaticâ„¢ Salt Water Chlorination

  • Protect your pipes


    Protect your pipes

    If you live in an area susceptible to frost and freezing temperatures, you will need to purge you filter system, even the parts underground, to prevent any of your pipes from bursting.

  • aquamite

    Pump Aquamite

  • silensorprovsd400-copie

    Pump Silensor Pro Premium

  • superpooliivs

    Pump SuperPool II VS

  • Pumps : How to chose


    Pumps : How to chose

    To find the pump flow for you just divide by 5 or 6 the total volume of water in your pond.

  • PVC trouble shooting guide


    PVC trouble shooting guide

    Find how to solve the main problems observed on PVC and the way to treat them.

  • 6180-6179s-009-copie

    Quantum UV water treatment

  • Running your pool in low-power mode


    Running your pool in low-power mode

    An alternative to wintering: running your filter system for two or three hours per day.

  • hay-450-0005

    Salt and Swim chlorinator

  • hay-450-0005

    Salt Water Chlorination Hayward

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