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Winter covers are used to protect your pool when no longer in use It is installed just before winter and is removed at the beginning of the swim season.

A cover is a crucial winterizing tool that provides protection, comfort and safety. Depending on your needs, choose from a variety of models: waterproof, semi-waterproof and even a non-waterproof filtering cover.


Grille Extrem Criss Cross Cover

A new Winter Cover designed & manufactured in accordance to NF P 90-308 safety standard. Grille Extrem represents the highest requirements for a Winter Cover. Available in 5 standard stock sizes, ready for immediate despatch. Manufactured in grey or black to
enhance the aesthetics of any pool, the “CRISS CROSS” design ensures maximum durability.



Opt for a winter cover to preserve the water in your pool, protect your pool from the cold, outdoor pollution and algae.

  • Step cut out
  • Step cut out

  • Optional brass anchor



Why choose a bubble tarp?

  • Preserves the heat accumulated during the day: +1 to 2°C per day depending on the amount of sunshine
  • Ecological bubble tarp
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Limits evaporation and temperature drop
  • Optimizes the work of a heat pump


Thermal covers, also commonly referred to as called bubble covers, are designed to utilise the sun to gradually warm the water in your pool.

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