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Published on 22 May 2023

Category : Maintenance

Summer is here! And with it comes the long-awaited moment to reopen your pool after the winter period...

Summer is here! And with it comes the long-awaited moment to reopen your pool after the winter period. Opening your pool is a crucial step in ensuring an enjoyable and refreshing summer swimming season. As pool professionals, we understand the importance of proceeding carefully and methodically with this step. In this article, we will outline the essential steps for opening your pool after winter, providing you with the necessary tips and tricks for an efficient and successful process. Follow our recommendations and get ready to enjoy a sparkling pool, ready to provide you with moments of relaxation and pleasure throughout the summer season.

Plan ahead: Before you start opening your pool, make sure you have enough time to complete all the necessary tasks. It is recommended that you allow about a week for the entire process of opening the pool.

Drain winterizing water: If you have used winterizing water to protect your pool during the winter, it is time to drain it.


Clean the pool: Before filling the pool, you should clean up any debris that has accumulated during the winter, such as leaves, branches and other debris.

Check equipment: Check that all pool equipment, such as the pump, filter, heater and skimmers, are working properly. If you notice any problems, repair them before filling the pool.


Filling the pool: Now that the pool is clean and the equipment is in good condition, you can fill the pool with clean water. It is important to fill the pool to the level recommended by the manufacturer, which is usually at the skimmer.


Treat the water: After filling the pool, you should treat the water to make it clean and clear. You can use chemicals such as chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH to maintain a healthy chemical balance.


Check the pH: The pH of the water should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If the pH is too high or too low, you will need to adjust the levels to avoid problems such as algae growth or corrosion of pool equipment.


Monitor regularly: Once the pool is open and filled with clean water, you should regularly monitor chemical levels and water conditions. Check the pH and chlorine levels every day or two to avoid problems.

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