Single Speed Pumps

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A single-speed pump is the simplest type of swimming pool pump. There are no speed settings, and you can’t dial the power up or down. If it’s on, it’s running at full speed.


Davey Starflo pump

Ideal for in-ground and above ground pools, large swim spas and plunge pools. Also suitable for solar pool heating. Models to suit pools up to 110m3

  • Simple and quick installation and handling
  • integrated thermal protection device with automatic reset
  • 316 stainless steel motor shaft
  • 3 drain plugs for simplified water drainage and maintenance
  • Easier to remove see-through strainer lid - Tool-free opening


Davey Silensor pump

Revolutionary water cooled pool pumps.

  • Water cooled pump that runs quieter with less vibration – average of 55dba
  • Does not need ventilation – more flexibility for installer
  • Long life design – no corrosion
  • Etra-large 4.5 litre leaf basket – long intervals between cleaning ( Sll models )
  • Loss of prime protection – automatic cut out to protect pump
  • Inbuilt thermal cut out – no need for separate safety switch
  • Suitable for saltwater pools
  • Available in single and three phase models, flows up to 24m3/h

Superpool I

  • Self-priming pump with closed ventilated motor ( IpX5)
  • Components molded of corrosion-proof reinforced
  • See-thru strainer cover with swing aside hand knobs
  • Maxflo 1 body
  • 2 year warranty
  • 1.5” connections

Superpool II

  • Self-priming pump with closed ventilated motor ( IpX5)
  • Large strainer basket volume
  • Superpool ll design reduces operation and maintenance
  • Low sound level
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • 2 Year warranty

La Sta-Rite Pump

  • 30 - 80 M3
  • Stainless steel locking clamp
  • Quick maintenance and upgradability into variable speed pump
  • Removable pre filter
  • Possibility to transform the pump into booster pump
  • XL pre filter basket
  • Longer periods between cleaning

Sta-Rite HD Pump

  • 70 - 150 M3
  • XL pre filter basket
  • Longer period s between cleaning
  • Stainless steel lockin g clamp
  • Quick maintenance
  • ¼ turn opening lid
  • Easy to install
  • Easy opening and locking
  • Quick self priming
  • Quick and safe start of the pump

Hayward Super Pump Pro Pump

  • Heavy duty, high performance new motor, even more reliable and durable
  • Extended-life Viton® pump seal for improved resistance against chemicals and accidental dry running
  • Suitable for use in salt water, corrosion proof seal assembly (AISI 304 suitable for salt water)
  • Easy maintenance: large basket and exclusive swing-away hand knobs - no tools required
  • Easy to install: union kit included
  • Direct replacement of former 2’’ Super Pump® without any installation modification
  • Recommended for pools up to 120m3*
    *Calculation based on 6 hours turnover
  • Prefilter size : 1.75L

Hayward Super Pump

  • Self priming with closed ventilated motor
  • Pump made from PermaGlass XLTM
    1800 cc strainer basket volume
  • Resists chemical and saline corrosion in normal use Ceramic end seal with carbon
  • Cover of transparent Lexan® with fast opening and closing
  • Low sound level
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Corrosion proof Noryl® impeller with brass insert Heavy-duty, high performance motor

Hayward K-FLO Pump

  • Twist-Lock cover, rapid access (no tools required)
  • Impeller and diffuser made of Noryl®, very hard-wearing
    and corrosion-free
  • Suitable for use in salt water, corrosion proof seal assembly
    (AISI 316 suitable for salt water)
  • Easy to install: union kit included
  • Direct replacement for KS pumps
  • Unions fittings provided
  • Recommended for pools up to 195 m3*
    *Calculation based on 6 hours turnover

Hayward Max-Flo XL

  • Extremely quiet
  • 1800 rotary box allows convenient access to the user interface
  • New connection box for easier electrical connection
  • Quarter-turn opening cover for easy maintenance
  • Union fittings provided for easy installation
  • Recommended for pools up to 65m3

Hayward Tristar Pump

  • A modern, optimised design for optimum hydraulic efficiency
  • Higher delivery rate for lower energy consumption
  • Proven reliability and durability thanks to the polypropylene
    fiberglass reinforced wet end
  • Easy maintenance: twist-lock cover+ extra wide strainer
    basket for less frequent cleaning
  • Recommended for pools up to 195m3*
    *Calculation based on 6 hours turnover
  • Prefilter size : 4.5L

Hayward Power Flo II pump

  • Pump designed for small pools and/or above ground pools
  • Exceptional performance, one of the best in its category
  • Recommended for pools up to 68 m³*
    * Calculation based on 6 hours turnover



Pentair Pantera Pump

  • Quick self priming
  • Pentair Quality
  • 50mm swivel unions included
  • Easy opening and locking : ¼ turn opening lid
  • Same connections distance than Swimmey
  • Durable conception and robust materials

Technical Features

  • 100% Made by Pentair in there Pisa, Italy plant
  • Induction asynchronous motor
  • Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 416
  • SKF sealed bearings
  • IP-X5
  • Thermal protection (single phase), IE2 compliant
    (tri-phase <0.75kW), IE3 compliant (tri-phase >0.75kW)
  • Shaft Sleeve - A nylon shaft sleeve incorporating a flinger
    adds additional water ingress protection

Maestro Control Unit

Maestro controls and allows you to monitor remotely the water quality of your pool anywhere

  • Control of the filtration cycles, water temperature and lights
  • Control salt chlorinator (provided separately) by ORP regulation.
  • Adjustment of pH set point and digital display of pH value locally and remotely
  • System connects wireless to the home internet router to provide remote monitoring and control anywhere, anytime from a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • You are informed in real time about the condition of your pool and equipments
  • Pool Professionals can remotelly monitor and perform
    maintenance from a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • System can be upgraded to control variable speed pumps

Waterco Supastream Pump

  • Competitively priced
  • 3 Year wet end Warranty,
  • 2 Year motor Warranty,
  • 1 Year pump seal Warranty

Lacron Lacronite pump

  • Metric & Imperial quick connect unions
  • Impeller and diffuser design whisper quiet operation
  • 3 year wet end warranty, 2 year motor warranty, 1 year pump seal warranty
  • Replacement for the SP2R StaRite

Lacron Aquamite pump

  • Good quality
  • Competitively priced
  • 2 year motor warranty
  • 1 year pump seal warranty
  • 3 year wet end warranty
  • 11/2” Uniouns Supplied
  • Secondary seal for extra protection of the pump motor

ITT Argonaut Pumps

  • Self priming to 3 meters
  • Heavy duty long life IP55 rated motor
  • Quiet running 60dB rating
  • Glass filled polypropylene tank has a high chemical resistance
  • AISI 316 mechanical seal and Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Large 1.75 litre strainer basket and clear body lid for easy inspection
  • Can be used with salt water pools
  • ABS solvent weld unions 63mm/2” supplied with reducers
    for 50mm/1.5”

Super Power II pump

  • Ring lock joint design eliminates leaks and maximizes vacuuming efficiency
  • Robust dedsign and construction
  • Ideal for new construction and renovations
  • Designed to maximise suction efficiency
  • Features a transparent lid and 2L basket

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