• Benefits of a swimming pool


    Benefits of a swimming pool

    Still not sure about your pool construction project? A swimming pool is much more than just a swimming area; it is a real source of happiness!

  • Biocidal and Reach Regulations


    Biocidal and Reach Regulations

    REACH is a European Union regulation adopted to improve protection for human health and the environment against the risks related to chemicals.

  • bull-bbq-premium

    Comfort & Pool Games

    Bull Premium Grills

    Become the grill master in your neighborhood by achieving that authentic backyard BBQ taste with Bull Grills!

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    Pool Filters & Pumps

    Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters

    Cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and offer very fine filtration.

  • Changing your coating


    Changing your coating

    The protective coating is the finishing touch for your pool. Just by changing the liner color scheme, you can make it look like a whole new pool.

  • Chemical treatment


    Chemical treatment

    Everything you need for swimming pool maintenance and treatment…

  • Chemical treatment for above-ground pools


    Chemical treatment for above-ground pools

    Full range of products for your above-ground pool: SCP Exclusive!

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    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Commercial Hot Tub/Spa range Roca

    Discover our range of 8 commercial Spas: a beautiful and resistant range for any commercial application.

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    Pool Cleaners

    Commercial Pool Cleaners

    Save time and improve the quality of your pool water. Invest in a commercial Pool Cleaner and get uncompromising professional cleaning performance.

  • Cool Kids Know the Pool Rules


    Cool Kids Know the Pool Rules

    If you have a pool, you have a responsibility to safeguard it. Make sure your little ones know the pool rules.

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    Pool Supplies

    Counter Current Jets

    A counter current jet system can be installed in any type pool. It can be installed in limited space and can adapt to a large variety of pool designs.

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    Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

    Cove Spas

    An unprecendented value for money Spa for quality family time!

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    Pool Heaters


    A dehumidifier converts wet air into dry air by cooling it down with a process similar to refrigeration and air conditioning.

  • Did you know?


    Did you know?

    We all know the pool, but do you really know its origin and all its secrets?
    Learn new things about the pool, spa or sauna!

  • Discover our range of exclusive pool toys!


    Discover our range of exclusive pool toys!

    The swimming pool is an ideal place to relax, lounge, sunbathe or play; it’s the perfect spot to have a good time!

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