Complete guide to opening your pool after wintering: ACTI products for optimal maintenance

Published on 22 May 2023

Category : Maintenance

The arrival of spring marks the long-awaited moment of opening your pool after a long wintering period...

The arrival of spring marks the long-awaited moment of opening your pool after a long wintering period. This is a crucial step in preparing your pool area for relaxing and refreshing during the summer months. To facilitate this process, the ACTI brand offers a range of products specially designed for the maintenance and preparation of your pool. In this article, we will guide you through each essential step of opening your pool, to ensure optimal maintenance.

Step 1: Deep cleaning

Before you consider opening your pool, it is crucial to start with a thorough cleaning. Remove leaves, debris and dirt that have accumulated over the winter with a net. Then use a suitable hoover to remove fine particles and residues from the bottom of your pool. ACTI offers specific cleaners that effectively remove impurities and prepare your pool for the next steps.


Step 2: Water treatment

Once your pool has been cleaned, it is time to proceed with water treatment. Start by conducting a water quality test using test strips. This will allow you to adjust the pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We suggest you discover or rediscover the ACTISOFT software which will help you in the analysis of your water treatment. Use the appropriate ACTI products such as the "pH Regulator" and the "Shock Disinfectant" to balance and disinfect your pool water. These products are formulated to ensure healthy, crystal clear water throughout the season.


Step 3: Restarting the filtration system

Restarting the filtration system is an essential step in maintaining water quality. Check the condition of the filters and clean them if necessary. Reactivate your pump and filtration system according to the manufacturer's recommendations. ACTI offers products such as the "Clean Filter" that effectively clean filters and optimise their operation.


Step 4: Setting up the equipment

Once the cleaning and water treatment are complete, it is time to put the equipment back in place. Check the condition of accessories such as ladders, diving boards and skimmers. If necessary, make the appropriate repairs or replacements.


Opening your pool after wintering requires a methodical approach and quality products for optimal maintenance. The ACTI brand offers a complete range of products specially designed to accompany you through each stage of the opening process. From deep cleaning to the installation of equipment, ACTI offers solutions adapted to your needs for a healthy and welcoming pool. By following the steps described in this article, you will be able to enjoy a pool that is ready to offer you moments of relaxation and pleasure throughout the summer season.

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