Choosing the Right Type of Pool for Your Family

Published on 29 April 2021

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So, you’ve decided to get a pool for your backyard. This is a great investment that your family will cherish for years. Now comes the difficult question: Which type of pool is the best?

Not every family will come up with the same answer. There are several important factors when considering what type will work best for you, from budget and lifestyle to installation and landscape to your future plans for your property. This article dives into that question, providing a discussion of the pros and cons of inground swimming pools and above-ground swimming pools, to help you figure out which type is right for your family. 

The Scoop on Inground Swimming Pools 

Inground pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, you can make an inground pool nearly any size and shape you want. And you can coordinate the style to match or accentuate the rest of your outdoor living area. 

The options for customizing inground pools are limited only by your imagination. Are you looking to boost your exercise? Opt for an inground pool with enough length for doing laps. Are you more into aesthetic relaxation? Add a cascading waterfall or a majestic fountain with colorful lights. Keep in mind, though, that these additional features add to the price of an inground pool. But having a gorgeous backyard oasis where your family can relax and play can be worth every penny. 

For many families, inground pools are the gold standard of backyard bliss. The visual appeal—from natural lagoon-like water features to sparkling tropically inspired pools—can be simply stunning. For homeowners who dream of a stunning backyard retreat, an inground pool is often the star attraction.  

Pros of an Inground Swimming Pool Cons of an Inground Swimming Pool
Expert installation: A well-maintained inground pool can last a lifetime. Cost: An inground pool will cost more to install.
Added value: An inground pool adds value to your property when it comes time to sell. Real estate: An inground pool takes up more space in your yard.
Beauty: You can design your inground pool and the landscaping around it in any way you like to create your beautiful backyard oasis. More maintenance: Because inground pools are larger, they require more effort and expense to maintain.
Customization: Inground pools offer custom lengths for those who want to swim laps or include a diving area. Permanence: An inground pool is permanent. You can’t move it or change its design.

If you’re leaning toward this type of pool, explore our products to learn more about inground swimming pool products

An Overview of Above Ground Swimming Pools 

With an above ground pool, you get easy setup plus flexibility. Because above ground pools usually sit completely above ground, you simply need to prepare your space and get to work setting up the pool. And if you decide to redo your backyard landscaping or decide you no longer want a pool, an above ground pool can be moved or disassembled.  

If you’re handy, you can install your above ground pool yourself. Above ground pool kits usually include everything you need—from the pool frame to all the mechanical equipment. Of course, you can always ask your local pool retailer for professional installation if you’re reluctant to dive into such a project. Whether you go the DIY route or hire a pool company, it’s possible to complete above ground pool installation in one day – whereas inground pool installation can take 6 to 8 weeks. And less labor means less expense, which is one of the reasons why above ground pools are so affordable. 

If you have a unique shape and size in mind, you might need to adjust your plans. Above ground pools only come in two shapes: round and oval. And they usually come in two heights – 48 inches and 52 inches – although taller walls are becoming more common. But the plus is that above ground pools can fit into small spaces. And you can still achieve big relaxation even in a small pool! 

Pros of an Above Ground Swimming Pool Cons of an Above Ground Swimming Pool
Lower price: Above ground pools are much less expensive than inground alternatives. No added value: Considered a “temporary” fixture, an above ground pool does not increase home value.
Quick installation: Above ground pool installation is significantly shorter than an inground pool. Limited options: You’re limited to only two shapes, usually only two depths, and a smaller overall footprint.
Flexibility: If you change your mind about having a pool, an above ground pool is as easy to take down as it is to set up.  Short lifespan: Above ground pools typically will need to be replaced within 10-15 years. 
Less maintenance: General upkeep on above ground pools is cheaper, and they’re easier to winterize. Susceptible to damage: Severe weather like violent thunderstorms and snow can damage the lining and walls of above ground pools.

Think an above ground pool is right for you? Be sure to explore all of our above ground pool options

An Introduction to Semi-Inground Swimming Pools 

In recent years, pool manufacturers have introduced an affordable hybrid style that can be installed practically anywhere. Semi-inground swimming pools give you the best of both worlds: a durable, attractive pool for less than you’d pay for a traditional inground pool. 

The beauty of the semi-inground swimming pool is that it can be installed in places where traditional inground or fully above ground pools can’t go. Because semi-inground swimming pools can be installed totally above ground or partially in the ground, they’re perfect for backyards built on very steep hills or municipalities with restrictions on digging or pool height. But if none of this is a barrier, you can have your semi-inground swimming pool installed completely in the ground to mimic the look of an inground pool – without the price or the weeks of construction work that accompanies a traditional inground pool. 

Pros of a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool Cons of a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool
Lower price: Semi-inground pools are less expensive than inground alternatives. Shorter lifespan: Semi-inground pools have an average 20-year lifespan – longer than an above ground but shorter than an inground pool.
Quick installation: Semi-inground pool installation is shorter than an inground pool. Sturdy: Inground pools are sturdier than semi-inground pools.
Fit anywhere: Semi-inground pools can be installed where other pool types can’t. Limited options: You’re limited to only two basic shapes – round or oval.

If the idea of a hybrid pool is intriguing, contact us for more information

So: What’s the Right Choice? 

Only your family can decide which pool works best for your budget, your landscape, and your desired recreational use. If you want to create a beautiful backyard retreat on a smaller budget, or you foresee a move in the future, an above ground swimming pool might be the best option. On the other hand, if your dream includes a unique backyard oasis with luxurious features and ample room, contact us today and we’ll help you find your local pool retailer for a quote on an inground swimming pool. 

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