Essential tips to prepare your pool against a storm

Published on 25 January 2018

Category : Maintain

Storms can potentially damage your pool and surroundings if you do not take precautions.

Preparing for the Storm

Follow carefully the following tips below in order to anticipate and minimize the damages caused by a storm.

  1. Do not cover your pool when a massive storm is on its way. Even if you are used to cover your pool, when a storm is threatening the area, the cover should be lifted out of your pool. It can get damaged but also damage anything around the pool.
  2. Turn off power. Heating pumps, lighting, filtration pumps and any other electrical device should be cut off during a storm. As everyone knows, electricity and water are incompatible.
  3. Do not empty your pool. An empty pool is more susceptible to popping out of the ground during heavy rains. Water provides the necessary weight to hold your pool in place.
  4. Remove or secure yard and pool deck furniture. If possible, store all furniture: chairs, deckchairs, equipment… Any other item that could damage your property.
  5. Check your water chemistry and add necessary chemicals. As your pool will store debris during the storm, it will automatically be contaminated. As a result, you should add an extra chlorine of “shock” to your pool, also, an algaecide to save yourself time and efforts when you will need to clean-up.

After the storm, don’t forget to:

  1. Remove major debris from the pool. In order to prevent from contamination, it is recommended to do it straight after the storm.
  2. Do not empty your pool. However, it is essential to check and balance your water chemistry. Shock your pool and run your filter until the water is clear and sparkling.
  3. Dry equipment and materials. Before turning your power back on, make sure all electrical equipment is completely dry.
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