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A counter current jet system can be installed in any type pool. It can be installed in limited space and can adapt to a large variety of pool designs.


Trev Luxii Jet by UWE

Water has to foam and froth and flow. But that need not mean costly construction work for you – thanks to the TREVI and TREVI LUX surface-mounted systems! Just fit them on the edge of your pool and plunge into
fun. The counter-current is activated by the pneumatic switch. The fully adjustable nozzle can be swivelled within a range of about 30 degrees in all directions. Use the massage hose and back jet to direct the powerful current (up to 12 liters per second) to just the right spot for a relaxing massage. If you fancy indulging in this tingling experience at night too, we recommend the TREVI LUX, which comes with a 120-watt light.

Miro Sport Jet by UWE

For maximum power. The performance matches the appearance. With a maximum flow of 42 liters per second, the mighty MIRO is one of the big boys of the JetStream range. But as with all JetStream counter-current systems, on MIRO too the force of the jet can be fully regulated with
the control knob.

Selection for trained swimmers.


Coco by UWE

  • Counter current swimming unit in shell design
  • Single swivel nozzle
  • Infinitely adjustable air and water flow rate
  • Power consumption 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW
  • Pneumatic switch
  • 46m3/h & 65m3/h flow rate
  • Available in white and silver

Duna by UWE

  • Compact counter current swimming unit
  • Infinitely adjustable air and water flow rate
  • Pneumatic switch
  • Single swivel nozzle
  • Power consumption 1.7 kW up to 3.5 kW
  • 11 to 181/sec
  • 46m3/h & 65m3/h flow rate

TriVA 150 by UWE

Pure power for Pros. The TriVA counter-current system was designed with ambitious athletes in mind. Thanks to its innovative FLAT technology, TriVA creates a flat, powerful flow just below the water’s surface. Right at chest and shoulder height, right where an athlete needs esistance. Depending on the version, the pressure-sensitive single-button PIEZO control offers power settings: from 75 m3/h -150 m3/h . To ensure an optimal flow channel, the WAVE safety filter inlet cover (included) should be installed directly opposite from TriVA. So flex those muscles and make your stamina soar!


Babmo LED Stainless Steel by UWE

For a stimulating air bubble bath. With BAMBO and BAMBO 2, you can do more than merely build up your strength by swimming against the current. Just turn the knob and the jet is enriched with invigorating oxygen.

For relaxation where you really need it. With the back jet or the 1.5 m long hose, you can make sure the relaxing jet really hits the spot. Just attach the accessories to the nozzle and twist to secure them. Selection for average swimmers.


Juno by UWE

  • Narrow shape counter current swimming unit
  • Suitable for round and free form pools with small diameter
  • Single swivel nozzle
  • Infinitely adjustable air and water flow rate
  • Power consumption 3.5 kW, 181/sec
  • 65m3/h flow rate
  • Available in white, silver, piezo
  • June Piezo features: Modern, timeless puristic stainless steel (316TI), Improved aspiration safety, Control via Jet Stream Piezo

Miro by UWE

For the pool steps. MIRO is not only an impressive sight at poolside, but can also add a sophisticated touch to any swimming pool steps.

  • Each nozzle individually adjustable
  • Ideal for stairs, round pools
  • Ideal for both side visible walls because of reduced wall fitting length
  • 75m3/h flow rate
  • Separate suction for individual placement

Ideal for good swimmers.


Ovo Jet by UWE

High performance for little outlay: the OVO system proves it’s possible. PVC ball valves, PVC pipes, and the control box – all the components are preassembled. It takes minimum effort to install, but gives maximum pleasure. In variants up to 65m³/h, all with a swivel nozzle, fully adjustable flow rate and with air mixture. In short: you get a lot for a little.

  • Front cover material: ABS white, glossy surface
  • Front cover size: 500x400mm
  • Swivel nozzle
  • Pneumatic switch
  • Flow rate adjustable on the nozzle
  • Wall fitting material: ABS
  • Includes stainless steel clamping frames for liner
  • Includes parts for concrete pools

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