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Cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and offer very fine filtration.

The filter in your swimming pool keeps the water moving and reduces debris, dirt, and other impurities. A pool filter assists in ensuring that your pool water is clean and clear. A pool filter is one of the most crucial aspects in your swimming pool.



Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filters

  • Let the Filtration Level Amaze You. The World's Best-Selling Cartridge Filter
  • You will notice immediately the superior filtration quality. Why?
  • Element filters work via surface filtration: they are able to trap very small impurities without needing granular media. Additionally there is no need for flocculant. The result is a filtration fineness of 20 to 25 microns compared to 40 to 50 microns for sand.
  • Only an average of 2 washes are needed per year
  • Filtration fineness: 20 microns
  • No discharge down the drain
  • One-piece base and body to ensure sturdiness, stability, and years of reliable operation
  • Manual High Flow Air Release Valve
  • Sold with cartridges
  • Pentair Cartridge Filters consist of a single piece thermoplastic base and body designed for maximum durability.
  • They withstand UV and are heat, cold and corrosion resistant.
  • A Cartridge filter system will be able to rid your pool of more particles leaving it cleaner and more sparkling.

Clean & Clear RP Plus Cartridge Filters

  • Single cartridge filtration
  • Diam 394 mm for all models
  • Easy opening for cartridge cleaning
  • Filtration: 20 microns

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter

  • Ultra-fine filtration: Twice as efficient as a sand filter: 20 to 25 microns
  • Very large filtering area
  • Reduced maintenance: once a season under normal conditions
  • Small ground footprint
  • No backwashing: saves on water, heating and chemicals
  • Can be installed outdoors thanks to its weather resistant tank
  • 10 years warranty
  • 5 years warranty on accessories

Hayward StarClear Cartridge Filter

  • Very fine filtration (between 20 and 25 microns)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for spas and residential pools, both in-ground and above-ground pools

Swimclear Single Element Cartridge Filter

  • Very fine filtration ( 20 to 25 microns )
  • Ease of maintenance: just one filtration element to clean
  • Ease of installation
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation ) Certified
  • Compact Design with minimum ground coverage
  • No Backwashing :Saves on water, heating and chemicals
  • Ideal with salt chlorinator as there is no loss of salt )
  • 10 years warranty
  • 5 years warranty on accessories

Trimline Cartridge Filters

  • 5 years warranty
  • Top Loading
  • Easy loading
  • Easy locking ring system

Galaxy Multi & Single Cartridge Filters

  • Indicative pressure gauge tells you when to service
  • Knee-height tank base facilitates easy cartridge replacement
  • 3-session clamp kit allows removing and installing the top tank quickly
  • Large water drain makes fast, easy winterisation and simple cleaning and rinsing with a garden hose.

Pro Grid DE filters

  • Extremely fine filtration for unparalleled water clarity
  • Injection moulded glass-fibre reinforced polymer tanks for high strength and durability
  • High profile manual air relief
  • Filter top + bottom alignment marks


  • High-Profile Manual Air Relief provides an easy way to manually purge air trapped in filter
  • Particularly strong, high resistance filter tank, made of reinforced injected thermoplastic, with a corrosion-proof guarantee
  • Grate of elements designed for bottom to top filtering and for back-wash in the other direction
  • The Hayward® filter clamp assembly consists of two key components that work in union with the clamp to reduce the likelihood of improper re-assembly during routine filter maintenance. A unique bolt and nut hardware configuration eliminates the need to handle and position multiple parts and utilises a special thread design that minimizes
    the number of turns required to secure the nut to the bolt during clamp assembly
  • Complete built-in 1.5” drain offering full and fast cleaning for simplified filter drainin

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