Discovering saunas: what you need to know

Published on 13 September 2023

Category : Wellness

Discovering saunas, these sanctuaries of warmth and relaxation, is an enriching experience...

Discovering saunas, these sanctuaries of warmth and relaxation, is an enriching experience. Here's an overview of the key things you need to know to get the most out of this age-old practice.

1. Ancient heritage: Saunas originated in Finland and have a long history of purification and healing, inspiring modern saunas.

2. Diversity of Types : Different types of saunas exist, including traditional, infrared and steam saunas, each offering specific benefits.

Traditional saunas: use heated stones to generate dry heat. Water is poured over the stones to create steam, providing an enveloping and comfortable heat. This dry heat encourages sweating, helping to eliminate toxins and relieve tense muscles.

Infrared saunas: use infrared rays to heat the body directly rather than the air. This heat penetrates deeper into the skin, causing intense sweating without excessively raising the temperature of the surrounding air. They are often appreciated for their ability to relieve muscle and joint pain. What's more, they offer a gentler experience for people sensitive to the high heat of traditional saunas.

Steam saunas: offer a moist heat experience. Steam is generated by adding water to hot stones, creating an invigorating and refreshing atmosphere. The steam sauna's moist heat opens the skin's pores, improving circulation and promoting congestion. This option is often chosen by those who prefer less intense heat while still enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the sauna.

3. Therapeutic benefits: The heat of the sauna improves circulation, encourages detoxification through sweating and promotes healthy skin.

4. Impact on Mental Health: The sauna stimulates the immune system, releases endorphins and reduces stress, contributing to relaxation and emotional well-being.

5. Precautions: Consult a health professional before using a sauna if you have any medical problems. Avoid staying too long to avoid dehydration.

6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure a clean and safe environment in the sauna, including cleaning and maintenance of the heating elements.

7. Integration into Your Space: When installing a sauna, choose a style that complements your indoor or outdoor space.

In conclusion, saunas offer unique physical and mental benefits. By understanding the basics, benefits and precautions of saunas, you can create a relaxing and purifying space that promotes your overall well-being. If you're considering adding a sauna to your space, seek expert advice for the best experience.

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