Garden Pac InverTech Pool Heat Pump

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Maker : Garden PAC

The latest Garden Pac InverTech Pool Heat Pump & Poolstyle heat pump brand: an energy saving and silent pump for your pool!

Garden Pac and Poolstyle are unique brands that gather efficiency and affordable price for comfort and pleasure. Whether you require rapid heat or a pool that is always at the perfect temperature, we have the best heating solution for your pool.


Garden Pac Pro Heat Pump

Intelligent, power-saving, low-noise Pro Full Inverter heat pump provides users with comfortable swimming water temperature in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. Intekkigent App - Equipped with WIFI, heat pumps are always under your control anywhere and anytime.

  • 4 Inch Colour touch screen
    • Modern and simple interface for easy operation
    • Personal Ul customisation is available
    • Fast parameters checking
    • 1nstant error checking with diagnostic code
    • 0.1 "C precise temperature control
  • New models feature Heating & Cooling
  • 7 years Titanium Heat exchanger warranty

Rank A at UN17645


Garden Pac Pro Silence Heat pump

  • 40 dB (A) Quiet Operation
  • Unique Smooth Line Design
  • Operating Air Temperature from -70C to 430C
  • New models feature Heating & Cooling
  • New pool heater App, allowing users to remotely control the heat pump, set pool water temperature and check energy consumption curve during the week. An easy click can bring you a relaxing swim at the moment you arrive at home.
  • 7 Years Titanium Heat Exchanger warranty
  • 7 Years Compressor warranty
  • 2 Years Parts warranty

Rank A at UN17645


Garden Pac Invertech Heat Pump

  • 10 Times quieter - neighbour friendly. Average noise is
  • 10dB lower than normal On/Off Heat pump
  • Full Inverter Technology - COP up to 15 at Air 260C /Water 260C / Humidity 80% Average COP is 11 during the swimming season ( based on above figures )
  • Super Quiet
  • Powered by Twin-rotary Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor- Based on “Twin mechanism” innovative solution, two rotors operate together to balance the torque for anti-shaking. It leads to the highest efficiency , extremely low vibration & quiet operation.
  • Adopts DC brushless fan motor - Low noise & low power consumption
  • Operates at air -7°C below zero - Maximize your pool season
  • 10 times quieter than standard heat pump
  • High COP
  • Energy efficient
  • Soft start on all models
  • Complete variable speed. Not stepped !
  • Solid block heat priority
  • Insulated compressor
  • Can be safely used on both low & high flowrate systems
  • Simple operation
  • Digital control for increased accuracy
  • R32 gas
  • Built in WIFI
  • 40°C capacity
  • 7 Years Titanium Heat Exchanger warranty
  • 7 Years Compressor warranty
  • 2 Years Parts Warranty

Heating Priority Benefits :
1) Saving energy by controlling water pump on & off
intelligently according to heating requirement!
2) No continuous noise from running water pump
3) Always maintains desired pool temperature


Poolstyle Inverter Heat pump

Poolstyle Inverter is powered by an inverter compressor, it can adjust the heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands. When the season starts and heating demand
is high, the Poolstyle Inverter compressor & fan run at 100% for fast heating. When maintaining the pool temperature, the Poolstyle Inverter runs at low speed for energy saving with higher COP.

New 2024 model features Heating & Cooling

  • High SCOP up to 6.69 : With Poolstyle's mature DC inverter technology, the unit can reach high SCOP of 6.69
  • Auto/Boost/Smart/Eco function : H&C inverter has Auto/Boost/Smart/Eco function so that the heat pumps can work intelligently according to working conditions.
  • Intelligent LED Display :
    • H&C inverter heat pump utilizes intelligent LED display with clear interface with which users can read and control easily.
    • With Smart App control, H&C inverter heat pump is always under your control no matter where you are.

Poolstyle Mini Heat pump

Mini Heat pump is suitable for all families that have an Above Ground Pool. At the beginning of the swimming season,
everyone is eager to jump into the pool and enjoy the good times with their families. The Poolstyle Mini Heat Pump is
light and easy to install, and can be portable everywhere. Equipped with a 3-pin plug & play power connection.

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