Winter’s approaching, which pool cover will you choose?

Published on 26 September 2018

Category : Maintain

Don’t wait any longer - choose a winter cover to preserve and protect the water in your pool throughout the year!

It is strongly recommended that you cover your pool with a winter cover when the swimming season has finished. This cover is fitted before the start of the winter period and is not removed until the start of the swimming season. It ensures the protection, comfort and safety of your pool.

Installing a winter cover

The winter cover is only installed after you have prepared your pool for winter (a process known as winterising). Very easy to install. It is attached to the edges of the pool so that it covers your entire pool.

The winter cover offers numerous benefits:

  • It preserves your pool and protects it from the cold, algae and external pollutants;
  • It gives you peace of mind throughout winter;
  • It reduces the costs associated with treating the water in your pool;
  • It facilitates the re-opening of your pool in spring;
  • It serves as a safety device, thereby helping prevent accidents.

There are various different models: the opaque watertight or semi-watertight cover or the non-watertight filtering cover.

The opaque watertight and semi-watertight winter cover

You don’t want to watch over your pool during the winter months? Want to avoid a big clean-up when you re-open your pool in spring? Skin Cold and Skin Freeze covers are made for you!

The opaque Skin Cold and Skin Freeze winter covers are made from PVC and are UV-stabilised. They help prevent the growth of algae and other bacteria in the water. Thanks to the darkness provided by the cover, the sun’s rays do not reach the water in your pool thus avoiding adverse effects, such as the growth of algae.

The Skin Cold and Skin Freeze models should be avoided in areas of high precipitation as pockets of water may form during periods of heavy rainfall; the water would therefore have to be evacuated manually.

The non-watertight filtering pool cover

The Grille Cold and Vernosc filtering covers are made from high-strength polypropylene mesh reinforced with woven polyester straps. Both models are UV-stabilised and antibacterial. They protect against fungi, mosses, lichens and ferns. They are quick to install.

Unlike the opaque cover, the filtering cover allows light to pass through and therefore does not protect against algae and other sources of dirt. It is therefore recommended that you check the condition of your water from time to time so that you can administer the appropriate treatment if necessary to maintain your pool.

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